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The Visual Storytelling Behind "Freewrite Disassembled"

August 31, 2020 4 min read 0 Comments

What’s all the fuss about Todd McLellan’s “Freewrite Disassembled?" By now, halfway through our treasure hunt celebration, you’ve probably seen this image (and many parts of it, if you’re an Internet sleuth) around every corner of the Astrohaus web. 

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A Treasure Hunt for "Freewrite Disassembled" by Todd McLellan

August 26, 2020 2 min read 0 Comments

Over the next 12 days, we'll be releasing exclusive looks into Todd's artistic process behind "Freewrite Disassembled", as well as running a treasure hunt to celebrate his artistic gift! Can you find the Easter eggs?
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How to Use The Snowflake Method to Write Your Book

March 19, 2020 6 min read 0 Comments

What is the Snowflake Method? 

First, a droplet of water freezes to a particle of dust, creating an ice crystal. As this crystal moves through the atmosphere, water vapor freezes to the outside of it, growing and building the flake’s unique structure. In this analogy, your story’s premise is the original ice crystal, and you build outwards from there.

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March 12, 2020 2 min read 0 Comments

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Essential World-Building Secrets for Fantasy Writers

November 12, 2019 6 min read 0 Comments

Did you grow up enthralled by the stories of the Pevensie children in Narnia or Frodo and Bilbo Baggins in Middle Earth? If you dreamed of one day creating your own fantasy world to base your novels in, this article is for you.
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