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Designed to push your productivity even further, Freewrite Plus adds enhanced software functionality and customization options. All core Freewrite and Postbox features that writers have enjoyed since 2016 are free, forever.

Features Freewrite Standard Freewrite Plus
Sync Unlimited Drafts To Postbox
Postbox Email Send
3rd Party Sync and Backup
Markdown Support
Sprinter Sync
Postbox Profiles
Document Upload
Send Key Customization
Advanced Cloud Settings


$3.99 / month


$40 / annually

Freewrite Plus is compatible with Traveler and Smart Typewriter, including special editions. Alpha is not compatible at this time.

PLUS features

Start on computer, continue on freewrite

Easily upload documents made on a computer to Postbox, and continue writing where you left off on your Freewrite device.

Postbox is your online place where all your drafts sync.

PLUS features

Send To Any Email

Send drafts straight from your device to any email address, not just to your default Postbox account email address.

This time-saving feature enables direct sending to editors, collaborators, or cloud printers.


Writers on Freewrite plus

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other writers are using Plus in their workflow.

My most valuable feature is the upload draft feature. While I'm out, and I only have my phone on me, I will frequent Google Docs, and I like downloading my files to eventually work on my Freewrite when I'm home/near it. I am always thinking about my writing projects, so using Plus helps me keep everything up to date and in one area.

I would definitely recommend Freewrite Plus if you are someone who is working across multiple devices and always on the go. I commute for work, I try and travel as much as I'm able, and when I'm not bringing my Traveler with me, I'm utilizing my computer and it makes it so easy to upload drafts into Postbox and once I get home and open the Traveler, it's there. It's amazing how quick it uploads into my device.

Brittany M

<font size=75%>I use the upload feature most often. My workflow is to draft in Freewrite, and do my editing in Scrivener, frequently copying the pieces of my draft into Scrivener along the way, both for the purpose of backup and also to have a compiled readable draft that I can print to paper, even if it's only partial.

So when I have added a section but I'm not completely done with the draft, I can move it around in Scrivener and then upload it back onto my device to continue drafting.

Once I figured out the send function, I was able to send a draft to a close friend for her suggestions. It was very helpful to be able to do that directly from the device.

Karen H.

The Freewrite Plus feature I use most is the Send Key Customization. A feature so brilliant I even bought a new cloud printer to take full advantage.

To be able to email the draft to my printer and have the physical copy in my hands ready for edit is invaluable to me.

I would absolutely recommend Freewrite Plus to all my fellow Freewrite users. The features are without question worth the very reasonable subscription price.

Danny F.



Do I have to use Freewrite Plus?

The paid Freewrite Plus tier is entirely optional.

Your drafts are always stored on your device and backed up in Postbox, no matter which plan you’re on.

Why should I upgrade?

Do you want to pick up where you left off on a draft you started on your computer? Freewrite Plus will let you do that. Or, if you have a newer printer that has its own email address, Freewrite Plus would allow you to print directly from the device by sending your draft to that email. More features will continue to be added to Freewrite Plus over time.

Can I store drafts without Freewrite Plus?  What happens with my drafts today? 

Yes, your drafts are always stored on your device and backed up in Postbox - no matter which plan you’re on and even if you move between plans.

Why are you offering a subscription plan?

Freewrite's core writing and syncing services have always been free and will continue to be free. By offering a paid plan we are able to allocate resources towards developing advanced features for users that have specific workflows.

I still have questions.

Certainly! There are more FAQs on Postbox, or you can reach us at

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