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Find Writing Flow‎‎ ‎‎in a World of Endless Distractions

Set Your Story Free is the ultimate guide to boosting creativity and productivity with freewriting. Overcome perfectionism, enhance flow, and reignite the joy of writing.

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____ It’s something that makes me want to write more when I’m not, and something that makes me want to keep writing when I am using it.”

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Nathan Ingraham


____ The thing is, it actually works. Freewrite forces writers to embrace a maxim they often espouse but rarely embrace: At first, just let the words flow out unfettered.”

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Ian Bogost

The Atlantic

____ Hello, productivity! Not only has [Traveler] made it more convenient than ever to write anytime, anywhere, but it’s also made it so much easier to lock into my writing and stay focused.”

Skyla J.

Freewrite Customer

____ I don’t know what kind of sorcery this is, but [Freewrite] has me writing more than ever before.”

Christine S.

Freewrite Customer

Learn From Writing Pros

Set Your Story Free features a diverse range of writers, from international bestsellers to writing instructors and poets.

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Alex Shaw

Award-winning author of multiple international-bestselling thriller series.

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Anne Janzer

Author of multiple award-winning books on writing, including The Writer’s Process.

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Bryan Young

Award-winning writer, producer, writing instructor, and founder of Big Shiny Robot!

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Dr. Kerry Neville

Award-Winning Writer and Coordinator of the MFA Creative Writing Program at Georgia College & State University.

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Dr. Rachel Clair

Book coach and developmental editor with a PhD in health psychology and an MFA in creative writing

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Each sharing their unique stories and insights based on lifelong experience.

Who Should Read This Book?

Aspiring & Established Writers

Hone your essential writing skills and learn to crush word count goals.

Creatives & Storytellers

Enhance your deep focus and create from a deeply innovative place.

Leaders & Communicators

Improve your written communication and creativity in business, research, and more.

Students & Educators

Learn effective writing techniques for creative and academic success.

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Words to Write By

A peek into some key insights from Set Your Story Free.

____The mind makes 2,000 decisions per hour. Habits take the pressure off by allowing some of those choices to be made on autopilot; use those “saved” decisions to set yourself up to write.”

— Dr. Rachel Clair

____The importance of a messy first draft can be seen in the many iterations of famous work that can be found in museums around the world.”

— Sophie Campbell

____Let the words tumble around your mouth and spill onto the page without restraint or self-conscious censorship. Let it all hang out.”

— Dr. Kerry Neville

____Flow is the polar opposite of distraction. When we’re in a state of flow, the world isn’t pulling our attention around as we engage in meaningful, creative effort.”

— Anne Janzer

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