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What is WTF?
A writing prompt will find its way to you, firing up your imagination and setting the stage for a productive writing session. And the best part? You won't be writing alone. Quality will comes in later during the editing process. This forward drive nurtures creativity and allows thoughts to flow organically.
Why join the WTF community?
Worldwide network:
Engage with a vibrant community of writers, share experiences, and learn from different cultures and perspectives.
Consistent practice:
Keep your writing muscles flexed and active. A steady routine nurtures mastery.
Free prompts:
No cost, just creativity. Receive a brand new writing prompt every Friday, and let your words flow.
Structured sessions:
Scheduled at noon EST every Friday – an ideal time to break away from the mundane and dive deep into creativity.
How does it work?
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Every Friday at noon EST, a new prompt will be sent directly to your inbox.
Spend as much or as little time as you want. There's no pressure—just expression.
Optionally, share your work with the community, or engage in discussions. Your journey, your choice.

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Words Are Hard Prompt Deck

Looking for more prompts?

Words Are Hard is a curated collection of thought-provoking writing prompts designed to make you put down the remote control, or whatever the distraction of the day is, and get writing. Having a clear, simple, creative prompt is the easiest way to overcome the first, and hardest, obstacle of writing: getting started.

Each deck comes with:

  • 150 prompts across 8 writing genres
  • Beautiful matte black case with gold foil accents and stunning genre illustrations
  • A custom embossed wooden block stand to display the prompt you’re currently using
  • FAQ


    Is there a cost associated with joining?

    Absolutely not! WTF is free for all.

    Can I share my written pieces with the community?

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    What if I miss a session?

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