What is postbox?

Postbox securely stores all of your writing in the cloud and allows you to access documents and device settings online through any web browser on your phone or computer.

Control where your drafts sync, change device settings like font size and lock screens, and enable new languages and keyboard layouts, all from Postbox.


Postbox Features

Postbox combines the power of automated syncing with robust device management, helping you focus on your writing without worrying about data loss or organization.

Access Your Drafts
Automated Synchronization
When connected to Wi-Fi, all of your drafts are securely and automatically synced, ensuring you never lose your work.
Sprinter Integration
Expand on your drafts in Freewrite’s distraction-free Sprinter environment built right into your browser. Any changes you make will be seamlessly synced back to your main device.
Document Management
Effortlessly organize your drafts by moving, archiving, or shredding them in a searchable timeline. You can also view your writing stats and streaks to track your progress.
Multi-Cloud Support
Set up syncing to various other cloud services, including Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Evernote, for added flexibility and backup options.
Manage Your Device
Postbox offers you complete control over your Freewrite device settings, making it a truly personal tool for your writing needs.
Language Support
Adjust which available languages are activated on your device.
Keyboard Customization
Switch between different keyboard layouts for a personalized writing experience.
Display Settings
Change the font size, lock screen settings, and more to suit your writing preferences.

To begin using Postbox, turn on your device and follow the prompts on the screen.  Or, begin drafting in Sprinter and save your work to a new account.

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What is Postbox?

Postbox is the online platform where you manage and customize your Freewrite experience from a phone or computer. Postbox allows you to access drafts created on your Freewrite and adjust device settings, like where your drafts sync, file type, font size, lock screens, languages, and more.

How do I create a Postbox account?

To begin using Postbox, turn on your device and follow the prompts on the screen. Or, begin drafting in Sprinter and save your work to a new account.

Do I need a Postbox account? Do I have to use Postbox?

Yes, if you want to sync documents, adjust your account settings, access your drafts in the cloud, and change some of your device settings, like keyboard layouts.

If you want a completely offline experience, you can opt to not connect to Postbox - but you'll be missing out on some valuable features.

Does a Postbox account cost extra?

No. Anyone who owns a Freewrite or uses Sprinter can create a Postbox account completely free.

We offer an optional Freewrite Plus subscription plan that provides advanced customization options, such as sending key customization, draft upload, and advanced cloud sync settings.

What cloud services can Postbox sync to?

Postbox can sync to Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Evernote. You can find instructions for setting up third-party syncing within Knowledge Base

Which Freewrite device settings are controlled in Postbox?

For Traveler and Smart Typewriter, you can set your font size, time zone, enable a lock screen, connect to cloud services, and also add language layouts from Postbox.

What if I manage my drafts manually?

For those who don’t want to use the cloud, you can choose to move your drafts from your device to a computer via the included USB cable. However, you will still want a Postbox account in order to adjust device settings and download firmware updates.

Can I download my files from Postbox?

Yes! You can download your documents directly from Postbox as plain text, PDF, or DOCX files. 

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