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Managing Documents

How do I get my documents off my device?
Whenever the Freewrite is connected via Wi-Fi, it autonomously syncs your documents to your Postbox account. You can access your documents by logging into your Postbox at any time. Postbox can also be integrated with cloud services for easier access.
What cloud services are supported?
At this time, we support Google Drive, Evernote, and Dropbox. More options are coming soon!
I don't trust my documents in the cloud. Can I still use the Freewrite?
Yes, of course. You will have to go through a clumsy process that requires you to directly connect the Freewrite to your computer, but yes, it is possible to use the Freewrite completely cloud-free (This feature is coming in a firmware update very soon). However, there is a better way! Using the cloud is one of the things that makes the Freewrite (and this age of computing) really awesome.
What if I am not connected to Wi-Fi?
Don't worry, your work is always saved on the device via onboard storage. We designed the Freewrite to be functional with or without an internet connection so you can be anywhere and write. Everything gets synced the next time you connect to Wi-Fi.
Can I print directly from my device?
There is a dedicated 'Send' button on the Freewrite that will send an email with a pdf of the current document to the logged in user. It can be configured for a number of different tasks, including printing (coming in a future firmware update). Print jobs are simultaneously emailed to you as a PDF attachment (useful for quickly sharing drafts with writing peers!).
What file format does the Freewrite save into?
Files are saved in plain text format for maximum reliability, minimal file size, and longest anticipated support life.
What type of Wi-Fi authentication methods does the Freewrite support?
The Freewrite does not support WEP authentication because it is an outdated and insecure standard. It also is not able to connect when browser confirmation is required like in a hotel or at an airport. Typical networks using WPA2 authentication are recommended.

E Ink Screen

What is an E Ink screen?
An E Ink screen, or electronic paper screen, is a display that mimics the appearance of ordinary ink on paper. Unlike conventional backlit LCD screens emit light; electronic paper displays reflect light like paper. By reflecting light, they have superior readability outdoors and incredible viewing angles. E Ink screens also have low power usage, contributing to the Freewrite’s long battery life.
How big is the E Ink screen on the Freewrite?
The writing canvas on the Freewrite is roughly 5.5” diagonally.
Can I change the font size of the displayed text?
Yes, you are able to change the font size of the displayed text on the writing canvas. This is useful for those of us that need larger fonts for readability or want a tiny font for maximum words on a page.

Mechanical Keyboard

What is a mechanical keyboard?
Most keyboards today are using the lowest cost technology which utilizes a rubber membrane over a circuit board. The keys depress the rubber membrane onto the circuit board thus making the connection to signal that the key has been pressed. This type of keyboard is very simple to make, but it can also feel a bit mushy. It also doesn't allow the user to feel the key engage before it hits the bottom of the circuit board. Compared to a 'mechanical keyboard' like the one used in the Freewrite, you get a totally different experience. On our mechanical keyboards, each key is its own individual switch with a mechanical engagement mechanism. We use a special type of switch called Cherry MX Browns because they’re designed to give you an incredibly tactile experience. The switches are also designed to last an incredible 50,000,000 key presses. They are made in Germany and the best in the world.
What are ANSI & ISO keyboards?
Keyboards around the world have two standardized physical layouts: ANSI, used in the U.S. primarily and ISO, used everywhere else. The good news is that we will be shipping Freewrites with both layouts. Prior to shipping, you will have a chance to let us know which layout you would like on your Freewrite.
The ANSI keyboard layout is typically found in the United States. They have a horizontal enter key.
ISO keyboards are used most everywhere else. These keyboards have an L-shaped enter key.
Where are the arrow keys?
The short answer is that there are no arrow keys. The Freewrite was designed from the ground up to fit into a routine that many writers find critical to their workflow: separate drafting and editing sessions. First, write a draft, going from start to finish. Then, review and make edits later. Editing is limited on the device because the intention is to keep the user moving forward. Yes, there is a backspace key but that is it. Maximum writing output is the defined goal. Fortunately, the addition of cloud syncing on the Freewrite enables you to move from composition to editing with ease. After finishing a draft, simply open up your computer and all of your work is automatically synced and ready to be opened in your editing program of choice.

Charging & Battery

How long does the battery last?
The Freewrite will last between 3-4 weeks with normal usage, which we define as 30 minute of writing per day, with Wi-Fi turned off.
How do I charge the device?
The Freewrite has a standard USB Type-C port, just like the one on the Macbook and other new electronics. You will be able to use any of the standard USB chargers that you have lying around to charge the Freewrite.
How long does it take to charge the Freewrite?
The internal battery will fully charge in approximately 3 hours.


What color Freewrites are available?
You can have any color you want as long as it is black! At this time we are only making black Freewrites.
How heavy is the Freewrite?
The Freewrite is about 4lbs which is about the same weight as a standard 14" laptop without the charger. The device also has a built-in handle, making it a breeze to carry wherever you write best.
What are the dimensions of the Freewrite?
The Freewrite’s footprint is roughly 12” x 9.5”. At its thickest, the Freewrite is almost 3”, but tapers down toward the keyboard.


When will my Freewrite be shipped?
Freewrite's are still out of stock, but batch 2 orders have begun rolling off the assembly line. Orders will be shipped via express air delivery in late October. Orders will arrive to their final destination 3-4 days after being shipped. Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking number. US orders can opt into a cheaper ocean shipping option which will be delivered in early December.
Does the Freewrite ship internationally?
Yes, we will ship to any country as long as we are legally able to do so (Sorry North Koreans!).
If I am receiving a unit outside the US, why do I need to pay VAT or other taxes?
We will be shipping your items DDP which means that we will pay all duties and taxes to your country on your behalf. This means that you shouldn't have any trouble receiving your goods and you won't have to pay anything additional to your local customs.


What languages does the Freewrite support?
At the time of this writing, we have committed support for the following languages: Currently Available: Bulgarian, Colemak (EN), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Dvorak (EN), English Int, French, French (Belgium), French (Canda), French (Swiss), German, German (Neo), Greek (Modern), Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish Coming Soon: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and more
Where do I select the language of my Freewrite?
You do not need to be choose your language at time of buying a Freewrite. You are able to add additional languages, from the above selection, to your device in your device settings.
What does it mean to support a language?
This means that you will be able to type in any of the supported languages. All of the characters you need will be available on the keyboard in their usual places and will be displayed on the screen in the correct manner, as if you had a native keyboard. For example, German writers will have ä ö ü ß and Russian writers will have з ф в б ж, etc. You will be able to choose one or many of the supported languages via our web application to configure your Freewrite.
Can I switch between languages?
Yes, once you select your languages via the web application, there will be a keyboard shortcut that will cycle your available languages on the Freewrite.
Will my keyboard match my language?
This is where it gets tricky, we will only be shipping the keyboards with standard QWERTY markings on the key caps. This means that if you write primarily in a language other than English, the letters written on your key caps will not match the letter that is output when you depress that key. However, for most people this is not a big problem and for others, it is easily remedied.
For touch typists, you will probably not care what the key caps say because you won't be looking at the keys anyway. For those that want the markings on the keys, you can either buy a very cheap key cap sticker set (less than $5 on Amazon) or you can buy a custom key cap set from one of the many re-sellers online. Using one of the latter methods will get you the exact layout you want such as QWERTZ, AZERTY, QZERTY, Dvorak or Colemak.
My language is not on the list, what should I do?
Tell us! Please write to us at and let us know which languages you would like to see supported.
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