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Hemingwrite Signature Edition



The Ernest Hemingway Freewrite Signature Edition, a.k.a. "Hemingwrite," pays homage to the most iconic literary personality of the last century.

The Hemingwrite is an officially licensed collaboration with the Ernest Hemingway estate.


The raw aluminum surface will develop a completely unique patina over time, making each Hemingwrite a one-of-a-kind collector's piece, as you find your own unique voice.





an instant classic

Hemingwrite unites all the beloved Smart Typewriter features in a raw aluminum chassis with green keycaps. Each device is polished by hand and individually finished.
Premium Look & Feel
Hemingwrite's aluminum chassis with green keycaps is hand-polished and individually finished, making each unit uniquely its own.


a perfect partnership

Authentic Mark
The Hemingwrite is an official special edition release in collaboration with the Ernest Hemingway estate. Each device is precision laser-engraved with Ernest Hemingway’s authentic signature.


travel in style

Included with each Hemingwrite is a custom fitted hard case to safely store and beautifully transport your device.
Luxury Protection
The Hemingwrite Attaché Case is crafted from cognac genuine leather, a cream-colored velvet lining, and features a deep pocket to store your writing inspiration.

Chapter 1

Compose Your Own Adventure

"Hemingwrite" captures the vibrant spirit of its namesake and serves as a timeless companion for the most daring of writing adventures

An explorer at heart, Hemingway lived a rich, legendary life. He won a medal for his bravery in WWI, was adopted into the “Lost Generation” writers’ circle in Paris, ran with the bulls in Spain, and caught giant marlins off the coast of Cuba.

Beyond his worldly travels, Hemingway whet his appetite for adventure through the written word. On the Hemingwrite, the only limit to your exploration is your imagination.

Chapter 2

Embrace writing simply

When he needed distance from the demands of daily life, Hemingway famously spent his days writing in charming Parisian cafes.

Now, there’s no need to travel to Paris to create a distraction-free atmosphere. Hemingwrite is designed to help you focus, so you can enter writing flow wherever you go.

Hemingway wrote directly and concisely. His perceptive style became known as the “iceberg theory,” influencing subsequent generations of writers. The principle of minimalism is at the very core of Hemingwrite. Its clean aesthetic, minimalist features, and singular purpose as a drafting tool will help you do what you do best: just write.

Chapter 3

Write truly and prolifically

Hemingway became a decorated writer by constantly challenging himself to write more. When not hunting German U-Boats in the Caribbean or exploring Parisian streets, Hemingway dedicated himself to long drafting sessions that eventually produced classics of American literature.

To conquer the blank page, Hemingway advised writers to first “write the truest sentence that you know.” From that first sentence, the Hemingwrite encourages you to embrace authenticity by focusing on productivity over perfection – let your story emerge.


All the best features of the Smart Typewriter

Automatic Cloud Syncing 
Hemingwrite is continually saving your writing locally to the device AND to the cloud. All documents are automatically backed up once connected to Wi-Fi and are accessible in Freewrite’s web application, Postbox.
Cloud sync:
Offline sync [USB]:
Long-Lasting Battery
Enjoy uninterrupted writing sessions with Hemingwrite's power-efficient battery design.
Write In Your Language
Hemingwrite supports dozens of languages and alternative keyboard layouts including QWERTZ, AZERTY, DVORAK and more. 
Supported languages
Alternative keyboard layouts
Your New Drafting Platform
Minimizing distractions is key to unlocking your creative potential. Unleash your creativity and achieve your literary goals with Freewrite.
See data about your writing session on the console screen
Draft manager and 'WASD' arrow keys to move within your documents
Capable of over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates.
Freewrite Plus compatible

Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews
Raquel Jones (Beaumont, US)
I love my Hemingwrite

I absolutely love my Hemingwrite. It’s simply beautiful. I have written so much on it. It’s perfection.

Derek Morris (Allen, US)
Hemingway Freewrite

I am really happy with my purchase. Freewrite delivers on what they advertise and it is worth the cost in my opinion. The Hemingway is a beautiful piece of machinery and I can't stop admiring it.

R L Toscano (Płońsk, PL)
More Than Beautiful

I got my Ernest Hemingway Freewrite Signature and have been using it for eleven days. I love its design. I believe tools should not only be functional, but beautiful as well. And this one is a pleasure to the eyes. About the usability, I like the fact that it is much lighter than I initially imagined it to be. I have been using it on bed, on the kitchen table, on the office desk. The writing experience is smooth and I like the sound of the keyboard.

The briefcase is also beautiful and nice to put a book and a notebook inside. I didn't go out with it yet and I'm afraid I will not do it much (only when I'm travelling) because I don't want ending up destroying the case.

I was afraid of the delay when you type (because of the E-INK screen) but, to be honest, the delay is much smaller than I imagined it to be and it didn't bother me at all, specially that I'm the type of writer that doesn't lock my eyes on the screen while writing. And when I notice the delay, I see it as a "feature": I like to see the words growing on the screen. I also embraced the philosophy of writing without editing, but sometimes I just feel a phrase needs to be improved on the spot or there was a grotesque typo I want to fix, and I didn't have problems to do so. After you get used with the NEW + AWSD navigation you can to these editings rather quickly, but obviously it limits your speed. This is not a device for heavy editing, but it doesn't stop you from doing one fix or another here and there.

Overall I'm pretty satisfied with my purchase and I became a fan of the device. I'd like to have a Freewrite collection. Why not? Money may be the limiting factor, of course. But either way, if you have the cash and like to change your writing environment and tools from time to time, I highly recommend it.

Just don't forget to write!

Jordan Coutret (Denver, US)

Really looking forward to more distraction free writing! This will absolutely help me get to the next level!

Jens Kluge (Edmonton, CA)
A unique design for higher productivity and comfort

The Ernest Hemingway Freewirte Signature Edition feels like an invitation to sit down and write.
The design is excellent. The keyboard feels comfortable. I like the front e-ink screen light. The connection to my Postbox account is instantly. The small amount of latency is not an issue.
Amazingly, I can sit down and get into 'the flow' of writing; words come fast. This is an investment where I hope to say over time: Money well spent!

Tech specs

Hemingwrite Attaché Case


h = 33.5cm [13.2 in]

w = 26.7cm [10.5 in]

d = 9.6cm [3.8 in]


Cognac Genuine Leather


Sherpa Lining


Microfiber Cloth



What is Hemingwrite made of?

Hemingwrite features a raw aluminum chassis that will develop a completely unique patina over time. Each unit is finished by hand, so no two are exactly alike. This, along with Hemingway’s official signature on the body, makes Hemingwrite a one-of-a-kind collector's piece.

What is included when you purchase Hemingwrite?

Hemingwrite ships with a gorgeous customer leather attaché case, a monogrammed microfiber cloth, and booklet.

Is this affiliated with Ernest Hemingway?

The Smart Typewriter Hemingway edition is an official collaboration with Ernest Hemingway’s estate. Each device features Hemingway’s official signature on the body. We’re proud to be able to offer this stunning device from a literary great.

Can I change the screensaver picture of Hemingway?


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