Release Notes

Alpha (all)


  • Added support for international English diacritical marks though the use of [alt gr] key.
  • Added lockscreen support.
  • Now prompt for user password on device when password is updated via Postbox.


  • Change saving/syncing pattern to prevent interruptions to keyboard scanning. If changes are Pending (pending: any draft modification made, additions or subtractions regardless of the contents, since the last save), saves will occur at the following times: 
  • - Device sleep/power off
  • - Postbox Logout
  • - Connecting to new Wifi network before Postbox login prompts.
  • - New doc created by pressing [New]+[New]
  • - Active draft changed via Draft switching screen [New]+[PgUp/PgDn]
  • - Send key pressed
  • - Lock verification screen appears
  • - Authorization failure (password changed via Postbox) screen and prompt for password reentry.
  • - Checking for firmware updates.
  • - Connecting USB cable to PC.

NOTE: Drafts will no longer sync to Postbox during an active writing session until one of the above actions triggers a sync. 


  • Sanitize filenames before creating files on mass storage device (MSD) and uploading to Postbox.
  • Prevent “Q” from being sent twice when hit in quick succession with a second key following it.
  • Other miscellaneous fixes were implemented.


Refreshed the text display sizes with clear and sharp Pixel Operator fonts for better readability.


Prevented the session timer from being reset when the main menu was opened.

Stopped pulling Postbox settings when the main menu was opened to ensure smooth backend syncing and US font setting.

Immediately retrieved the latest config from Postbox when Wi-Fi connected.

Optimized network tasks to ensure a fast and responsive user interface and typing experience.

Fixed screens after adding new fonts to properly display the new font sizes.

Removed invalid chars from draft snippets to ensure clean saves on external storage drives.

Fixed a bug where drafts over 32 characters in length wouldn’t show the correct index value in the draft switching carousel.

Other miscellaneous fixes were implemented.

Initial Release


Lockscreen button shown but non-functional

Traveler (all), Smart Typewriter (Gen3)


  • Force sync before processing shred job.
  • New OneDrive icons are added.


  • New + b, new + i, new + u combinations are disabled.
  • Other miscellaneous fixes were implemented.

Added Features

Added support for Freewrite Plus advanced [send] key send functionality

Added Esperanto keyboard variant.


Rewrote back-end code to accommodate drafts of all sizes without any performance slowdown.

Improved caret/cursor position for RTL languages.

Improved draft pagination logic; pagination now works differently when document is loading and when it’s loaded.


[new] + z shortcut has been removed; previously it would remove one character.

Added Features

Added 16 new languages and 48 new keyboard layouts

Added a new screensaver (Mary Shelley)


Improved performance while launching larger documents

Stopped uploading documents that should be shredded

Made existing languages keyboard layouts more accurate

Fixed status LED not turning off while in sleep mode

Smart Typewriter now saves frontlight brightness and status settings after reboot

Fixed cursor updating position properly for RTL languages

Fixed archived documents now synced with Postbox within anonomous sessions

Added Features
Created common platform for Smart Typewriter (Gen3) and Traveler

Added Device Menu with ability to log out, check for updates, change font sizes, and change frontlight brightness

Added [special] long press to open document launcher

Changed [tab] to open the most recent document in the current folder

Improved display performance

Improved performance of API calls

Improved response speed of folder/wifi switches

Upgraded internal libraries and dependencies

Fixed wrong notification when can't send document

Fixed body is sent for GET requests. HTTP GET request doesn't allow to have a body by spec

Fixed USB mounting doesn't work in some cases

Fixed a bug when you log out from document launcher with a page higher than 1, it will throw an error

Fixed filling empty folders error

Fixed bookmarking documents after changing folder doesn't work

Fixed switching context doesn't change document in some cases

Fixed caretEmulator is created before textarea exists

Fixed holding Send button sends too many documents

Fixed input in login form is reset unexpectedly

Fixed screen rotation

Fixed context is changed when changing WiFi

Renamed mount drive to Freewrite

Fixed going to sleep when plugged into charger after timeout

Fixed idle timer to be reset when switches are used

Fixed device doesn't recognize external keyboard activity

Fixed bookmark icon is over metabox

Fixed language cycling shortcut overlaps with other shortcuts

Fixed modal loses focus in some cases

Removed unnecessary files and cleared storage space

Reduced brightness of Power LED (Traveler)

Added Features
Simple press of folder button changes active folder while document launcher is open

Made manual firmware check more informative

Added correct keyboard layout images to show on heads-up display

Performance optimizations and library updates

Fixed v1.2.0 regression where incorrect screen is shown during FOTA update

Fixed timer bug where it is reset when spacebar console opens

Fixed plugins bug where they don't cycle for CJK languages

Fixed title overflow bug for CJK languages in Quick Access Mode

Fixed Quick Access Mode bug where it doesn't update documents on context switching

Fixed unexpected timer reset bug

Fixed shred/archive/move bug that prevented the function from working when it was the last document in different folder

Fixed caret bug where it doesn't work for languages when WASD are moved

Fixed an error when trying to save shredded document

Fixed doc not found error

Fixed Document Launcher bug to display the most recent documents.

Fixed TypeError: Cannot read property 'uuid' of undefined error

Fixed shredding active document bug when device doesn't replace it

Fixed empty folders bug when they aren't filled when syncing moved documents

Fixed document launcher bug when it isn't updated when syncing moved documents

Added Features

Added support for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages

Added new document quick access method using [new] + [pg up] and [pg dn] command 

Added support for moving documents from Postbox to Traveler

Bug Fixes

Fixed [new] + [shift] command conflict between WASD moving cursor function and cycling through languages.

Fixed fast document launcher opening bug. 

Fixed TypeError bug.

Fixed document selection error that displayed non-existing document.

Fixed page counter bug; page counter now updates with removed text.

Fixed Bookmark Function bug; bookmark viewer now correctly displays current document first, then bookmarked documents, followed by all other documents. 

Fixed Quick Access bug that reordered documents with incomplete updates.

Fixed password bug that prompted user to enter password without login. 

Fixed input method bug; language no longer changes upon device initiation. 

Fixed spacebar console bug that added extra space to text area when showing spacebar console.

Fixed naming bug that resulted in error when creating several USB documents with same case-insensitive name.

Fixed Document Manager bug that required [Shift] + [number] command to select documents on keyboards where numbers are mapped differently. 

Added Features

Added lid sensor function

Added automatic wake/sleep function

Improved screen refresh performance with code optimizations

Improved manual firmware update checks

Bug fixes

Fixed Mass Storage bug that would only enumerate once every two attempts

Fixed Lock Screen bug where text was not completely obscured

Fixed wrong date on first boot

Initial Release

Smart Typewriter (Gen1 and 2)

New features

New screensavers (Jane Austen, Alexandre Dumas)

Updated Linux kernel
Drastically improved charging.

Ported simple screensaver functionality

Updated cryptographic verification process to guarantee delivery of future updates

Ported remaining languages from v1.4.x firmware (Hungarian, Latvian Alt-Gr, French BEPO, Swedish Dvorak, Polish QWERTZ, Polish Programmers, Slovak, Slovenian, and EurKEY)

Bug fixes

Fixed issue that prevented units from timing out after mounting USB storage

New features

Now syncs user email address changes between Freewrite and Postbox

New Keyboard layouts: Slovakian, Slovenian, Polish Programmers, EurKey, French BePo, Latvian, Hungarian, Swedish Dvorak

Changed English International layout to input C-cedilla and regular consonant characters (non-acute) when pressing the apostrophe dead-key (requires reboot to take effect)

Changed draft sync status hotkey for CJK languages to New + SpaceBar (long press)

Added “Simple Screensaver” option which replaces all screensaver art

Added user settings: Simple Screensaver, Disable English Keyboard Layout

Upgraded Dropbox from v1 API to v2 API

Bug fixes

Fixed appearance of caret for CJK languages

Fixed bug where draft sync status (e.g. “Synced three minutes ago”) could be incorrect

Improved reliability of syncing (certain issues that may have required reboot now fixed)

Fixed keyboard layout bug; now resets correct keyboard layout on boot

Disabled extra keyboard power consumption in sleep

Fixed “keyboard panic” in certain Batch 3 units

Added features

New screensaver (Dickens)

New battery charge indicator (long press of spacebar)

New keyboard layout art (long press of spacebar)

New USB mass storage feature (documents can be downloaded to PC)

New lock-screen option (enabled via Postbox Device Settings page)

Added beta Chinese, Japanese, Korean (CJK) support with Input Method Editors (IMEs)

Added beta Hebrew, Arabic support

Added Reset Password option to user login modals which sends you a password reset link

The Send key now emails both PDF and TXT versions of document.

Bug fixes

Fixed Latvian keyboard layout

Fixed issue that prevented certain users’ devices from upgrading successfully

Added features

New keyboard layouts: Dvorak (English), Colemak (English), Bulgarian, Czech, English (International), Norwegian, French (Canadian), French (Swiss), Polish

New hotkey: Special + L toggles front-light on and off

New hotkey: Special + Shift toggles status bars in backwards order

Screenplay writing support: Fountain parser (including formatted PDFs) and FDX file export

New screensaver

Bug fixes

Firmware fix: Fixed issue with certain USB-C chargers causing Freewrite to soft-brick (requiring power cycle to reboot)

Fixed WiFi reminder bug; WiFi reminder now only occurs once after toggling WiFi switch to OFF position. While WiFi switch is in ON the reminder will occur less frequently (every 15 minutes).

Stopwatch is no longer reset by notification

Fixed word count bug

Fixed bug that could prevent user from logging in (related to anonymous user print jobs)

Improved Markdown formatting, including cuddled lists and footnotes

Initial Release