what is sprinter?

Sprinter exists to introduce anyone to the concept of distraction-free writing with as low a barrier as possible.

And while there is no way to have a truly distraction-free experience in any web browser, Sprinter is infused with Freewrite design thinking to build drafting momentum quickly.

Works in any web browser with internet
Easy to use, get started in one click
Built-in productivity tools to keep you motivated

Sprinter Features

Sprinter helps you achieve your writing objectives quickly and efficiently, even in the midst of internet distractions.

Goal-Oriented Sprints
15-minute Sprint Counter
Start your writing sprints with an achievable 15-minute goal. This helps you get going quickly and keeps you engaged. Word and character counts are provided to keep track of your progress.
Automatic Freewrite and Postbox Sync
Never worry about losing your progress. Sprinter integrates directly into Postbox, automatically saving and syncing your drafts. You can then easily expand on any drafts within Sprinter and synced back to your device with the "Move" functionality.
Keep Drafting Forward
No Editing Distractions
Sprinter was created intentionally to keep you moving forward in your writing. The only way to edit is through the backspace key, making sure your drafting momentum stays uninterrupted.
Light and Dark Drafting Modes
Choose between light and dark drafting environments to suit your visual preference and mood. This makes it easier to switch between different writing settings.

Type without distraction and edit later. For the next 15 minutes, set your thoughts free.

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Frequently Asked Questions


I’ve never tried forward drafting. Why should I use Sprinter?

Forward drafting is a fantastic way to overcome that internal editor in your head and finally find writing flow. Sprinter is designed for writers who have never tried the forward-drafting method before. So give it a try and see what new stories (and productivity levels) you discover! Spoiler alert: Prepare to be blown away by your word count.

Where does Sprinter sync drafts?

When you first use Sprinter, you will be prompted to save your work to Postbox, our free cloud service. You will be walked through the steps to create an account. After that, all your Sprinter drafts will save to Folder A in your Postbox account.

I already own a Freewrite, what good is Sprinter?

Freewrite users love Sprinter because it uses the same infrastructure as Freewrite devices. All your work will save to the same Postbox account. Don't have your Freewrite with you when inspiration hits? No problem. Open Sprinter and you're good to go.

Drafting in a browser? Talk about distractions!

It's true — if you're anywhere near a browser, the temptation to do anything but write is high. If you're online you might as well check your Facebook and TikTok, right? Keep that up, though, and you'll never get anything written.

The Sprinter interface was developed to encourage goal setting, creative thinking, and improved writer output. It's true that Sprinter can't force you to keep your mind on your work. What the Sprinter online typewriter can do, though, is reduce distractions and help your forward-drafting momentum.

Is Sprinter really free?

Yes! Sprinter is completely free to use. We want as many people as possible to be able to experience distraction-free drafting.