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Smart Typewriter in Mint offers up a fresh look to inspire new words and add a lively touch to any writing space.

With all the treasured features of the Smart Typewriter, this special edition gives you the benefits of distraction-free drafting in a wholly refreshing aesthetic.

Get your order in quick — this minty refresh won’t last forever.


Each element has been precisely color matched to create a fascinatingly fresh design.

So take a hint from the ancients and pick Mint to excite the senses, revive the imagination, and find the vitality to write on and on.

Mint Edition

Mint Edition

Mint Edition

A Dash Of Cool

Mint offers up a fresh look to inspire new words and add a lively touch to any writing space.
Bracing look & feel - draft in the spirit of freshness
Sporting a vintage look with a fresh style, it comes with a color-matched keyboard.

Mint Edition

From the Garden

Refresh your space. Revive your mind and reinvigorate your writing.
Enjoy a fresh, natural feel and a fantastic keyboard experience.

Fresh As Ever

Chapter 1

The Wisdom of Mint

Since ancient times, mint has been prized for its aroma, taste, and medicinal properties. As early as the 1620s, physicians recommended mint for a variety of ailments, claiming it:

“...doth greatly comfort the braine and spirits, stirre up the senses, especially the memorie, and make the heart cheerefull.”

Today, mint is as fresh as ever.

Fresh As Ever

Chapter 2

So Happy Together

Mint and Lemon, two special editions of the Freewrite Smart Typewriter, go together like lemonade, letting you feel the sun of summer year-round.

Kick back and see what happens when your imagination gets a taste of Lemon and a sprig of Mint.

Fresh As Ever

Chapter 3

A Mint Refresher

The mojito originated in Cuba as a farmer's drink in the late 19th century. It's simply perfect.

    • ¾ ounce simple syrup
    • 2 sprigs mint, plus more for serving
    • 2 ounces white rum
    • ¾ ounce fresh lime juice
    • Club soda (for serving)


Step 1: Muddle simple syrup and 2 mint sprigs in a cocktail shaker. Add rum and lime juice. Fill shaker with ice, cover, and shake vigorously until outside of shaker is very cold, about 20 seconds.

Step 2: Strain cocktail through a Hawthorne strainer or a slotted spoon into a tall Collins glass filled with ice. Top off with club soda; garnish with more mint.

Automatic Cloud Syncing 
Mint is continually saving your writing locally to the device AND to the cloud. All documents are automatically backed up once connected to Wi-Fi and are accessible in Freewrite’s web application, Postbox.
Cloud sync:
Offline sync [USB]:
Long-Lasting Battery
The efficient design of Mint's battery provides enduring power, allowing you to maintain your writing flow without the disruption of a drained battery.
Write In Your Language
Mint supports dozens of languages and alternative keyboard layouts including QWERTZ, AZERTY, DVORAK and more. 
Supported languages
Alternative keyboard layouts
Your New Drafting Platform
Minimizing distractions is key to unlocking your creative potential. Unleash your creativity and achieve your literary goals with Freewrite.
See data about your writing session on the console screen
Draft manager and 'WASD' arrow keys to move within your documents
Capable of over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates.
Freewrite Plus compatible

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Ibrahim Kattan (Jeddah, SA)
Excellent Device

This is a beautiful device. One note though, its cheaper than the Hemingway for a reason. The finishing on the Hemingway is a hit better and the device feels more premium.

Anyways, you cannot go wrong with either ones but if I had to choose, I would invest in the Hemingway

Shara G. (Calgary, CA)
I love my Freewrite — beyond words hehe

Laptops and mechanical keyboards are great but they are geared towards students, gamers, and people from all walks of life. They are multipurpose devices. Astrohaus seems to be the only company whose target audience is the author. With Freewrite Smart Typewriter they have single-handedly reinvented the classic machine for the 21st century. The Mint edition is a pastel dream with retro vibes, I love the satisfying clickety clack keyboard that INVITES me to type, and that clean, white e-ink screen looks like actual paper (soothing on the eyes when you’ve been staring at a phone screen all day). The naysayers might say then why not buy a vintage typewriter, but being of a certain generation that grew up in the computer age, that would not be convenient for me. Thank you, thank you for creating this precious device!

The Scorpion (Angola, US)
Refreshing Mint Freewrite provides refreshing writing!

Just received my mint Freewrite. Although I just started using it, I can see where it really does help to bring back natural creativity without the distractions of auto correct, red and blue errors and the annoying "pop ups" of various notifications from YouTube etc. that invariably occur no matter how I have my PC configured!

Bang out a few hundred words in no time at all!

Love the keyboard too!

Jaclyn Hunt (Colonia, US)
A fun splurge!

Hello. This is my first draft on Freewrite. So far this is very intesting. I am going to play around with the features and when I am ready, I am going to get to work on my second book. I have already self-published a book on that has sold over 10,000 copies. I believe I can do it again, easily. This may be the tool that helps me get it done sooner. No distractions, fun to type on, and I am enjoying. Woot!

The above was my very first typing experience on my Freewrite. I decided to include it in my review of the device. Before I ordered my Freewrite, I decided to brush up on my typing skills with some free online typing courses.I finally took the plunge and purchased my Mint Green Freewrite and I have been very excited to type on it and get to writing. I am a publised author and have sold about 10,000 plus copies of my first book. I am very proud of my work and am getting the itch to write a second. It took me a very long time to write that first book. Mostly, it took the bordeom of the pandemic to help me finish it.

When I opened up my Freewrite, it was simply beautiful. I spent a good 10 minutes just hitting the keys because a mechanical keyboard is just so pleasureable. It forces you to go a tiny bit slower and enjoy the writing experience. You can also type more accurately because the keys are so tactile and fun to press. I get a sense of nostalgia when I am typing on it. Anyway, I feel I could type on this thing forever and not get distracted or tired. It is compact enough to take anywhere and I can truly focus on getting my thoughts out. A press of a button sends my work to my email address for easy transfer and editing work on my Mac. It is also seamlessly saving to the cloud so I have triple backup of my files. While the price is indeed very high for this piece of equipment, it is a splurge I am extremely happy with because I am having fun and am excited about writing again. I believe I will not only use it to write my next book but also use it to journal and write articles and blogs for my website and newsletter. I could also see myself using this to compose longer letters or emails when I need to take my time with them.

All in all, I would highly recommend this device for anyone who can splurge on themselves and get a tool that transports them to a simpler time to become more productive on so many levels. Thank you Freewrite!

Valah Steffen-Wittwer (Pocatello, US)
A wonderful writing tool

This typewriter is both functional and attractive. The mint green actually helps calm me down and settle my thoughts so I can get into writing easily with no distractions of emails or webpages.

Tech Spec



How is the color of Mint achieved?

Mint is created using powder coating on the aluminum body. It's not painted and won't chip or peel.

Will you make more of these special editions?

We love making special products and will continue producing editions in the future. For Lemon and Mint, we've made small batches and can't guarantee they will be made again, but it's always possible.

What about warranty and replacement?

Given the limited nature of this product, the classic black color may be substituted on any possible future warranty or replacement.

Restocking fee

Due to the limited nature of the product, there is a 15% restocking fee for returns.