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Sunny days and bittersweet stories will be front of mind when you sit down to write on Smart Typewriter in Lemon. No matter the season, no matter the genre, distraction-free drafting on Lemon will lead you to sunnier climes.

Lemon shares the feature and specifications of the original Smart Typewriter. But hurry, we've only made one batch, and they won't last forever.

A Fresh Twist

Every visual element has been precisely color matched to create a strikingly energetic design.

So revive your creativity and bring zest back to your writing process with this vibrant special edition of the Freewrite Smart Typewriter.

Fresh Squeezed

Fresh Squeezed

Fresh Squeezed

Always Sunny IN writersville

Refresh your space and add zest to your writing process with a whole new aesthetic experience.
Fresh look & feel. Bring the energy you need to write on and on.
The lemon-yellow aluminum chassis is powder coated with a pearlescent finish

Fresh Squeezed

Serious Citrus Appeal

Revive your mind.
Reinvigorate your writing.
Refresh your space and enliven your writing routine.
Experience a color-matched keyboard and a burst of brightness all year round.

Fresh and bright

Chapter 1

The Zest of Lemon

Pirates of yore hoarded lemons to fend off scurvy. Seventeenth-century Parisians fueled a lemonade craze that may have fought off the Plague. And now, Lemon is made new again to revive your creativity and inspire new words.

Fresh and bright

Chapter 2

So Happy Together

Two special editions of the Freewrite Smart Typewriter dropped just in time for summer. Kick back and see what happens when your imagination gets a sprig of Mint.

Fresh and bright

Chapter 3

A Lemon Refresher

Try our favorite summer cocktail, the South Side, from Bon Appetit. Fresh mint, gin, and lemon make this an instant classic:

    • 1.5 oz. fresh lemon juice
    • 8 fresh mint leaves, slapped
    • 3 oz. gin
    • 3/4 oz. simple syrup
    • Club soda
    • Lemon peel

Preparation: Combine mint, gin, lemon juice, and syrup in a highball glass. Fill glass with ice, then top off with club soda. Garnish with lemon peel.


All the best features of the Smart Typewriter

Automatic Cloud Syncing 
Lemon is continually saving your writing locally to the device AND to the cloud. All documents are automatically backed up once connected to Wi-Fi and are accessible in Freewrite’s web application, Postbox.
Cloud sync:
Offline sync [USB]:
Long-Lasting Battery
Lemon's battery is engineered for efficiency, offering sustained battery life that ensures an uninterrupted writing experience.
Write In Your Language
Lemon supports dozens of languages and alternative keyboard layouts including QWERTZ, AZERTY, DVORAK, and more. 
Supported languages
Alternative keyboard layouts
Our Drafting Platform & More
Minimizing distractions is key to unlocking your creative potential. Unleash your creativity and achieve your literary goals with Freewrite.
See data about your writing session on the console screen
Draft manager and 'WASD' arrow keys to move within your documents
Capable of over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates.
Freewrite Plus compatible

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
bryan bechara (Herndon, US)
Wrong product

This is very frustrating because I ordered a Freewrite as a gift and was sent the wrong typewriter. Then I needed to pay for shipment back even though it wasn't my fault and it's been a full week since sending it back and still haven't heard anything. I don't know when I will receive it it's been a month in total since I've ordered it so unfortunately I can't review the actual product but I'm disappointed with the operations of the company.

Heidi Hodges (Lakehurst, US)
Getting started is a breeze... and so is continuing

My typewriter is beautiful and works smoothly. It has just enough technology and features to be helpful without being distracting. Really a great writing device. My words flow easily while using it (no WiFi required) and I have been able to easily sync to a computer for editing and publishing. The idea for this machine is brilliant. Taking away distractions helps me write a lot more.

CJ (Mount Shasta, US)
Love it

I bought the Gen 3 to avoid screen fatigue and to add some ritual to writing, and it has done both of these so well. I was a little skeptical of the reviews that gushed how much writing they had done, but I have found myself writing more than when I used my laptop. It’s incredibly fun to sit down and clack away. The mechanical keys are very satisfying, but they are very loud. So if you’re looking for something quiet-ish their other products might be better. I couldn’t imagine taking this to a public place and not being self conscious about the noise.
The syncing to postmate was easy to set up, and it was easy to set up additional syncs from post mates to other platforms. There are a lot of sad stories about data loss out there, but if you take care to flip to WiFi on after each session ( or keep it there) you’ll likely have back ups if anything happens. My biggest concern at time of purchase was software and how easy it would be to add to my current writing flow, and those have been non-issues so far. The Gen3 has slotted into my writing routine like it’s always been there.

Anonymous (Cincinnati, US)
Using it way more than I planned!

I purchased this mostly because it was yellow, and I adore yellow things I wanted the Hemingway edition but couldn’t justify its price, it’s a fantastic device and does exactly as it should and nothing it doesn’t, while the software for WiFi cloud services is swell I personally leave that switch turned off and save to the device itself exclusively I did swap my key caps after talking to customer service and it aided my drafting thanks to the contrast

Aurea Freniere (Mexico City, MX)
Love it!

I have to say I was very impressed, when I opened the box. I knew how the device looked prior to purchasing (youtube reviews), but nothing prepared me to how beautiful and extremely well made it, actually, is.
I've been it using every day without any issues at all and, I have to say, word count has become a problem of the past!
Would definitely recommend to people who are having issues with compulsive editing (like myself). And it is great to have a device that allows multiple backups in case something happens.

Over all I've had the most amazing experience using it.

I'm so in love with my typewriter <3. It was worth every penny!

Tech specs


FAQ and Special Edition Policies

How is the color of Lemon achieved?

Lemon is created using powder coating on the aluminum body. It's not painted and won't chip or peel.

Will you make more of these special editions?

We love making special products and will continue producing editions in the future. For Lemon and Mint, we've made small batches and can't guarantee they will be made again, but it's always possible.

What about warranty and replacement?

Given the limited nature of this product, the classic black color may be substituted on any possible future warranty or replacement.

Restocking fee

Due to the limited nature of the product, there is a 15% restocking fee for returns.