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Ink Edition

Smart Typewriter
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Smart Typewriter - Ink Edition


Words Will Flow Like Ink

Unleash your midnight muse and dip into a whole new world of possibilities with our darkest device yet, inspired by the night sky and the tools of the literary greats.

Embrace The Night

Ink is a striking all-black Special Edition of our classic Smart Typewriter, blending the beloved Freewrite experience with a beguiling new aesthetic experience. This one is for the writer who’s not afraid of the dark.




Inkwell Inspiration

Ink gives our classic Smart Typewriter form factor a never-before-seen midnight aesthetic.
Lustrous black aluminum chassis
Dark-as-night features 
Custom black keycaps with tonal black print


Blackout Distractions

Conquer modern distractions once and for all, and rediscover the power of your writing with Ink.
Premium look & feel
E Ink Display for reduced eye fatigue
Tactile mechanical keyboard

Chapter 1

Welcome to the world of Ink

Humans have been using ink to record their thoughts and histories for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations used soot to create their own inks for writing, the Renaissance saw the development of fountain pens, and the fifteenth century brought the illustrious printing press.

Centuries later, the ballpoint pen revolutionized the way we write, and the 20th century saw the proliferation of pens — from your standard BIC to the colorful gel pens of the 90s.

Chapter 2

Indelible As Ink

All through the centuries, one thing remains true: Ink has played a massive role in the spread of knowledge and communication throughout human history.

By writing down our thoughts, feelings, histories, and stories, we turn something as fleeting as the human existence into something permanently indelible.

As Shakespeare once said, “That in black ink my love may still shine bright."

Chapter 3

Write With Ink

Join the Freewrite writer’s renaissance and dip into a whole new world of possibilities with an elegant typewriter designed just for the modern scribe.

Ready to draft your masterpiece? This special edition Freewrite Smart Typewriter is available in limited quantities. Order yours before they run dry.


All the best features of Smart Typewriter

Automatic Cloud Syncing 
Ink is continually saving your writing locally to the device AND to the cloud. All documents are automatically backed up once connected to Wi-Fi and are accessible in Freewrite’s web application, Postbox.
Cloud sync:
Offline sync [USB]:
Long-Lasting Battery
Ink's battery just keeps going and going thanks to a new, more efficient design. Never let a dead battery interrupt your writing workflow again.
Write In Your Language
Ink supports dozens of languages and alternative keyboard layouts including QWERTZ, AZERTY, DVORAK, and more. 
Supported languages
Alternative keyboard layouts
Your New Drafting Platform
Minimizing distractions is key to unlocking your creative potential. Unleash your creativity and achieve your literary goals with Freewrite.
See data about your writing session on the console screen
Draft manager and 'WASD' arrow keys to move within your documents
Capable of over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates.
Freewrite Plus compatible

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Smart Typewriter (Gen3) - Special "Ink" Edition

Rupert L. (Dongjak-gu, KR)
Great for motivative writing

I love the all black keyboard(without red keys) and the black letters on the body.

Julie (Seattle, US)
Love My Ink

Over a year ago, I purchased an Alpha, and I’m happy with it, but I couldn’t resist purchasing the Ink edition. It’s not only beautiful, but Freewrite helps you write more words. Period.


Love typing on it. Was well packaged!! Looking forward to finally getting those drafts out without any distractions or giving into my squirrel brain anymore!

Danielle (Richmond Hill, US)
I'm not a writer but don't push me!

I love this device, and I'm not even a writer. I'm sure this smart typewriter isn't marketed towards a consumer like myself, but I wanted a distraction-free device to journal and do some creative writing. Although this drafting option is pricey, what I've gained in return is invaluable. I'm pouring into myself by typing my thoughts daily. A bonus is the typewriter is so darn beautiful.

Tech specs



Will you make more of these special editions?

We love making special products and will continue producing editions in the future. For Ink, we've made a small batch and can't guarantee it will be made again, but it's always possible.

What about warranty and replacement?

Given the limited nature of this product, the classic Smart Typewriter colorway may be substituted on any possible future warranty or replacement.

Is there a restocking fee?

Due to the limited nature of the product, there is a 15% restocking fee for returns.

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