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Freewrite Traveler

Traveler is the ultimate *portable* distraction-free writing tool and the latest addition to the Freewrite family.

  • 4 week battery life
  • E Ink screen
  • Full-size scissor-switch keyboard
  • 1.6lbs and half the footprint of a typical laptop

Turn off distractions. Focus your thoughts. Simply write wherever you go.

Customer Reviews

Based on 166 reviews
Tara Tannenbaum (Myrtle Beach, US)
Love it

Product is exactly as described. Keeps me from getting distracted by social media. Easy to operate and backs up to my Google Drive.

Anonymous (Shanghai, CN)
Everything's great except the IME system

I love everything the team bring me, except the IME system... so I write a looong mail of feedbacks for IME on Sep. 1st. Hope a new version of IME can be seen within a month, maybe? Until then, I can type with my Traveler again.

Menaka Ravikumar (Jamaica Plain, US)

Freewrite Traveler

Jacob-Carl Pauw (Barneveld, NL)
Excellent device, above expectations.

For years I used my normal Freewrite (with much pleasure) until one day I decided it's a little too big and to loud (despite the shock absorbers for the keyboard) for making notes, for example during conferences or having a suitable place in the home to put it away. So I decided after 3 years to sell him and buy the Traveler. I have to say... I understood the reason why Freewrite put a limit on the original Freewriter concerning editing, but yet I'm very well pleased with the fact that you can edit on the Traveler. Now I could write someone a letter and make corrections when necessary, without having to do this on my computer. The function is still somewhat limited, but okay. I understand and I appreciate it! The design is very beautiful and it's a wonderful device to work with. It's portable, it has all the things the big Freewrite has... I think it's the best writing tool there is.

Jill M. H. (Spokane, US)
I love my Traveler!

This little machine has changed the way I write. It's so easy to just keep writing and writing every time I open this little friend up. It begs to be used. It's adorable and very user friendly and easy on my eyes, super portable obviously, and fun to use. While it's changed the way I write, it is definitely to the benefit of my work. It has created a whole new draft process to my pieces, a free write phase that really gets my most creative side out that I didn't even realize I was missing. It has turned me into a prolific writer. I love it so much! Plus, the whole reason I sought it out in the first place, the long battery life which enables me to take it off-grid for days and days, has been fantastic. I love to write in the woods, and now I can so easily! Also, I highly recommend the felt case, it's just nice to have the perfect protection and not have to worry about it getting bumped around in my bag. The Traveler is a wonderful addition to my writing life.


Technical Specifications

BODY Polycarbonate
DISPLAY E Ink™ screen
Writing canvas – 121mm x 70mm
Status window – 121mm x 15mm
KEYBOARD Full-size scissor switch keyboard
ONBOARD STORAGE Embedded flash memory
Wi-Fi 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi with capability for cloud syncing and over-the-air firmware updates
PORTS USB Type-C for charging, offline data transfer, and as Host (e.g. can plug in external keyboard)
POWER Internal LiPo battery
4 weeks of running time with regular usage defined as 30 minutes per day
SUPPORTED CLOUD APPS Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive
SUPPORTED KEYBOARD LANGUAGES English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Greek, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Korean, Chinese, Japanese. See a list of keyboard layouts here.
SIZE 11.3” x 5.0” x 0.97” (288mm x 128mm x 24.7mm)
WEIGHT 1.6lbs (0.7 kg)