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Freewrite Assembly Deskmat

Set the scene for productivity and elevate your writing space with the Assembly desk mat from Freewrite. You’ll feel the forward momentum in this mesmerizing modern design created exclusively for Freewrite by Portland, Oregon, art-director, designer, and illustrator Matt Pamer.

Made with a smooth, premium eco-leather with exposed edges, this mat is reversible and large enough to create a distraction-free zone with only the essentials: your thoughts and your Freewrite. 

  • Striking - Add unique style to your writing space with a custom illustration
  • Reversible - Change up your workspace by simply flipping to the basic black on the reverse side of the mat
  • Protective & water-resistant - Protect your desk from scratches or pen marks — or spilled coffee
  • Organized & distraction-free - Keep your workspace organized and professional and, most importantly, free of distractions
  • Full coverage - Define your workspace with room for your Freewrite when drafting, or your computer and a mouse when it's time to edit
  • Mouse-approved - Works with optical mice with no separate pad needed
  • Vegan - Made with a "faux" leather substitute
  • Vibrant & rugged - Durable printing method creates sharp colors that are resistant to scuffs and marks

Technical Specs:

  • Measures: 34.5" x 18.25" x .12" (87.6cm x 46.3cm x 0.3cm)
  • Material: High-quality Polyurethane (PU) "Vegan Leather" 
  • Weight: 1.7 lbs
  • Color: Black with white ultraviolet (UV) printed design


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Karen Hermann (Minneapolis, US)
Great accessory!

I really love this desk mat! In the first place is large enough to cover my entire desk surface, to contain not only my device, but also any papers or books that I might need to have next to me. It's a very sharp and attractive looking design, and it hides the nicks and blemishes in my old desk surface, keeps everything level and smooth. A bit pricey, but high quality that should last for a very very long time, so I consider it worth the price.

Kevin Stevens
Amazing! Perfect size and the design/materials….

Love them. Have 2. Easy to clean, cool to look at and easy on the eyes. Love them!!!

Tammy B (Burke, US)
Roomy, cool looking and well designed mats

I got two of these mats. One is under my laptop, and the other is on my writing desk where I hand write and use my Hemingwrite.
They are roomy enough to cover my entire work area, so I didn’t have to rearrange things to keep the edge from bothering me while I worked. It’s the perfect size for a normal sized desk. It’s big enough for the laptop, keyboard, mouse, external hard drive, and there’s still room for other accessories for a seamless look. I would love to put my drink cup on it as well, but I’m a klutz, and don’t want to ruin the design.
The design is cool looking, but not distracting. I like the basic black and white, because it goes with all decor, and it’s so reminiscent of a computer.
It didn’t smell hardly at all when I opened the plastic, and the smell that was there was gone by the next morning. That is one thing that is a big issue with this kind of product, and the company succeeded in not having it an issue. And the rolling of the mat was also flattened out by the next morning, with no book weights needed to make it stay flat.
The coolest thing (besides the design) in the quality of the material. It is really good for computers and the Freewrite to work on. It doesn’t get hot when you are pounding away at your keyboard. And, for those like me, you can use it as a writing surface when handwriting. I didn’t feel any different between writing on a pad of paper on a regular surface or this mat. AND the material is perfect if you are using a single piece of paper to write on. I tested it, writing a full page of words, and didn’t get a single hole poked through the paper, if that makes sense.
Overall, I am very satisfied with the really great quality of the mat! Nice job!