Smart Typewriter Felt and Leather Sleeve

Protect your Smart Typewriter with a custom-fitted sleeve.

  • Custom designed for the Smart Typewriter's unique shape
  • Real leather & compressed felt construction
  • Microfiber lining protects your device from scratches
  • Magnetic snaps are quick and convenient


Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Christine Loff
Still getting used to it so the jury is out...

They don't tell you they send it by UPS - I think they should because I would have made alternative arrangements for delivery. I don't get UPS delivery here. So it took AGES and was a mess. UPS is horrible to deal with and wouldn't change the address to one where they could deliver. Then when I got it, the instructions are hard to figure out. Although there seems to be a fair amount of info on the Astrohaus website, it is difficult to translate it into working on the Writer. It seems to write OK and works like a typewriter used to, which is what I was looking for. The battery gets used up quickly however. I guess you have to sit next to a plug like an old-time electric typewriter?

Darlene Burton (Baton Rouge, US)

Freewrite Felt and Leather Sleeve

Michail Andreadis (Heilbronn, DE)

dreams come true

Jeremy V (Irvine, US)
Broken part rattling around inside the Freewriter

The device is great and has helped me consistently write 1,000 words per day or more, but there is a rattling sound like a loose screw or broken piece. Very disappointing for the price.

Jules (Sutton, GB)
Good, but could be better with a handle or shoulder strap

Fits well, looks good, feels sturdy. Could be further improved with a handle or shoulder strap to make it more comfortable to carry around.