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Freewrite Felt and Leather Sleeve

Protect your Freewrite in style with the Official Freewrite Sleeve

  • Custom designed to safely hold the Freewrite and match its unique shape
  • Real leather & compressed felt construction
  • Internal microfiber liner protects the Freewrite
  • Magnetic snaps are quick and convenient

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
A Great Experience & Well-Made Machine

I considered buying the Freewrite for a year, but always decided it was too expensive. Now that I've bought it, I genuinely love writing with it. I hope to use it daily for the next 30+ years (which would come out to $0.05 per day). It's definitely a well-made machine.

Great fit

Does exactly what was promised!

Rediscovering lost values

I work all day in a virtual office world. Everything is digital. Little is tangible. The Freewrite returns me to a tactile time when the product of one’s efforts was enduring. It truly does deliver on the promise of focusing on the task/story/thought at hand. It is a delightful, rewarding piece of machinery! Every home should have one.

Freewrite Steve is great protection for a great machine!

I ordered an extra sleeve as a back-up and to carry journal, notes, pens and paper draft materials. It would be good to integrate a Freewrite protection and carry sleve with a space for journals, yellow pads and a pencil/pen case. I like it all except for the annoying marketing emails which try to upset on a product I have already purchased. Tell Nicole to find other waters to fish! Cheers from Oregon!

Could use one change.

The sleeve is fine. It’s an adequate dust cover. It does make it awkward for picking up or carrying the Freewrite. There should be a slit or hole in the top of the sleeve so that you can use the handle on the machine. It doesn’t make any sense to take away the feature of a carrying handle when you put a case on your Freewrite.