World's first smart typewriter

World's First

Power Button
Instant-on with 4 weeks of battery life. *
E Ink™ Screen
Beautiful high-contrast display with frontlight for working anywhere.
Mechanical keyboard
Best keyboard for writing with real mechanical switches. Made in Germany by Cherry™.
Sync to cloud with Wi-Fi
Seamless document syncing to Dropbox, Evernote, and more.

As seen in

"35 years after the birth of the laptop computer and 25 years after Wi-Fi was invented, someone finally may have built the ultimate word processor."

"The Freewrite is downright gorgeous, and got some impressed nods from fellow locals at my corner café."

"It is a beautiful object and everyone sees it with wide eyes. It intrigued the editors of, and Wired Italy."

"It’s a self-contained, highly portable digital device that offers nothing except word processing with backup to the cloud"

"The fact that it is specifically designed to wean you off of distractions is massively important as a writer and I was able to begin a project quickly and I could foresee myself finishing a novel on this thing without much trouble and with a great deal of pleasure."

"Part of its charm is that it throws back to a mechanical keyboard like they would have used [in the past]… And the keyboard is heaven."

"One doesn’t create documents or stories on the device, but “drafts,” a term that underscores the tentative nature of the copy banged out on a Freewrite. The thing is, it actually works. Freewrite forces writers to embrace a maxim they often espouse but rarely embrace: at first, just let the words flow out unfettered. Worry about making them good later."


the chaos and create.

The Freewrite works perfectly indoors or out, online or offline. Leave your smartphone at home and go write where you feel most comfortable.


and never worry.

Freewrite's cloud connectivity ensures writers remain unburdened with saving or restoring documents. Documents are always safe.

Saves documents to

Secure SSL Encryption

Your drafts are automatically uploaded to our Postbox web app using 256-bit SSL encryption and sync to your favorite tools like Dropbox, Evernote, and more.



start your writing streak.

Double your hourly word count with the Freewrite. Every element of the Freewrite is designed to help you find your flow and stay there.

people say

"I can’t overstate how liberating this feels. For so long knowledge workers of all stripes have been stuck behind screens or in front of displays, their glass-and-aluminum surfaces shielding them from the world, and it from them. An open laptop is a Pandora’s box."

"I rate the software 9/10 as well. What I really like, and which many people seem to hate, is the absolute minimalism of this thing. There is not an extra sliver of functionality or UI. This is quite an achievement."

"It is an example of a new breed of products designed to help us regain control over digital distractions. To some, the idea of using a dumbed-down distraction free word processor is silly. Why buy an expensive box that does less than a PC? The answer for many bleary-eyed workers is: because I need to get stuff done."

"I have used my Freewrite daily, for a couple hours a day, and after two weeks had to plug it in for the first time just now. I don't know how charged it was when I first got it, but this works fine for me. I expect it will last longer with the new, full charge. So, all in all, I love this thing."


E Ink™ screen with frontlight
Full-size mechanical keyboard featuring Cherry™ MX keyswitches
Internal capacity for over one million pages
Document cloud sync through Wi-Fi
International language support
Rugged construction with aluminum body and stowable handle

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Pick Your Keyboard Style

The Freewrite is available with two styles of keyboards to support users from around the world.

American (ANSI)

Wide [return] Key
No [alt gr] Key

International (ISO)

⅂-Shaped [return] Key
With [alt gr] Key
NOTE: Freewrites are currently on backorder until the first week of December. Orders will be shipped from the factory in the order in which they are received. All orders will be delivered before Christmas.

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The new batch of Freewrites is expected to start shipping in July. Production updates will be announced in our community forum at

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