June 2024: Start With Alpha

May 30, 2024 | 2 min read

As the first letter of the Greek alphabet, alpha (Α or α) signifies the start of something magnificent.

📚 In the publishing world, alpha readers are the trusted people who read an unedited, typo-riddled first draft.

🚀 Within space exploration, alpha denotes the most brilliant star in a constellation.

✨ And here at Freewrite, Alpha signifies the start of your brightest work yet.

This June, we invite you to START WITH ALPHA through four weeks of free courses, articles, challenges — and big savings on Alpha!


Each week, we'll be dropping new content and free learning resources, including Set Your Story Free, our official guide to effective freewriting developed with writing instructors and award-winning writers.


Set yourself up for success and SAVE this June by ordering your Freewrite Alpha today. Exclusive June pricing is just $299 ($50 off). Use code STARTWITHALPHA at checkout.

Use ShopPay or Affirm for payments as low as $28/month!*


We've got a special chance to win big for those who participate this month! Everyone who has a public Postbox profile and satisfies one of the following requirements in June can enter a drawing to win a $1,000 Freewrite gift card:

  • 20,000 words written, or
  • 20 days of writing, or
  • 10 day writing streak

To enter, visit this site to enter your information by July 3, 2024.



As we wind down our June activities, July Camp NaNoWriMo will be just around the corner. Prepare yourself with articles from Freewrite and NaNoWriMo on how to keep up your writing momentum in July — and the rest of the year.



*Fine print: Payment options are subject to final eligibility and approval. Payment lengths of 6 and 12 months must be made with a debit card. Payments may include interest. Shipping and taxes are extra. Installment programs are open to US customers only.

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