World's first smart typewriter

Revel in writing with the right tool.

Freewrite Smart Typewriter

$549 $499
 Freewrite Smart Typewriter
 Freewrite Smart Typewriter
 Freewrite Smart Typewriter

Freewrite Smart Typewriter

$549 $499

Keep your writing distraction-free with the world's first smart typewriter.

  • E Ink screen with frontlight that's easy on the eyes
  • Full-size mechanical keyboard for a tactile typing experience
  • Weeks of battery life and local storage for over a million pages
  • Rugged, lightweight aluminum body so you can write anywhere
  • Support for wrting in over 20+ languages


When will my Freewrite be shipped?
Freewrite's are still out of stock, but batch 2 orders have begun rolling off the assembly line. Orders will be shipped via express air delivery in late October. Orders will arrive to their final destination 3-4 days after being shipped. Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking number. US orders can opt into a cheaper ocean shipping option which will be delivered in early December.
What file format does the Freewrite save into?
Files are saved in plain text format for maximum reliability, minimal file size, and longest anticipated support life.
What cloud services are supported?
At this time, we support Google Drive, Evernote, and Dropbox. More options are coming soon!
What if I am not connected to Wi-Fi?
Don't worry, your work is always saved on the device via onboard storage. We designed the Freewrite to be functional with or without an internet connection so you can be anywhere and write. Everything gets synced the next time you connect to Wi-Fi.
Can I print directly from my device?
There is a dedicated 'Send' button on the Freewrite that can be configured for a number of different tasks, including printing. Print jobs are simultaneously emailed to you as a PDF attachment (useful for quickly sharing drafts with writing peers!) and is also queued for printing in your account on Postbox. After a one-time setup, your printer is linked to your digital Postbox account to receive print jobs and process them whenever your Freewrite is connected to the internet.
How heavy is the Freewrite?
The Freewrite is about 4lbs which is about the same weight as a standard 14" laptop without the charger. The device also has a built-in handle, making it a breeze to carry wherever you write best.
Does the Freewrite ship internationally?
Yes, we will ship to any country as long as we are legally able to do so (Sorry North Koreans!).
What languages does the Freewrite support?
At the time of this writing, we have committed support for the following languages: English (QWERTY, DVORAK, and COLEMAK), International English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Danish, Swedish, Greek, Dutch, Turkish, Hebrew, Korean, Russian, Chinese, & Japanese.
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