• Black Keycap Set for Smart Typewriter (3rd Gen)


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black printed keycaps and puller
custom freewrite

Black Keycap Set for Smart Typewriter (3rd Gen)

Compatible with:
Smart Typewriter and all modifications (Hemingwrite, Lemon, Mint, Ink)

Customize your Smart Typewriter with a set of black keycaps! 

  • Replace some or all of the original white Freewrite keycaps for a custom look.
  • Every package includes a keycap removal tool. No other tools are needed for installation.
  • Installation requires about 20-30 minutes and can be done by anybody. Instructions are available here: Installation Instructions.

Note: Compatible with 3rd Gen Smart Typewriter only. NOT compatible with 1st and 2nd Gen or Traveler. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jake Martin (Sioux Falls, US)

While I wait for a brief hurdle to pass and finally snag myself that Smart Typewriter, I thought I'd give the keycaps a feel on my Hexgears X5 "Panda" Mechanical Keyboard. I'm happy to report that these keycaps feel incredible. Silky smooth with just enough grip to feel well manufactured. I have a feeling these are going to last some time!

Mark Ludas (Newark, US)
WAAAY sicker

The black key caps render this device much cooler. Just plain badass. I feel it has more mythic resonance with black than white, and feels slightly more like a real typewriter. This maybe because all but one of my actual, mechanical typewriters have black keys. Regardless, the all-black look is more aesthetically pleasing, from a design standpoint. It ties the piece together, so to speak. So yeah. Worth every penny (I got em for $25)

Jeremy Christner (Gallup, US)
Worth It.

Black keycaps on the black machine makes for a great looking color scheme. They have a slightly grittier feel to them, too, so the typing experience is somewhat different. I did buy my Freewrite used, so it could be that the white keycaps were just a bit smoothed over from use.

The installation process was super easy; I'd never worked with mechanical keyboards before, but it's a simple matter of plucking the old cap off and pressing the new one on. I think it would be great if they offered more options than just the black and white (like the green caps found on the Hemingway Edition).

Customer (Maspeth, US)
“Y”? Because Astrohaus / Freewrite Is Amazing

Thank you for responding to my email and for sending the “Y” key cap. I just got home from work at 3:00pm on Friday March 10, 2023 and I saw a tiny bubbled plastic envelope addressed to me from Astrohaus. I did a double-take to make sure that this was real. Keep in mind that when I emailed your company, I was not kidding about my scenario, I could not find that damn “Y” key cap and it frustrated the living hell out of me, to have all those beautiful black keys and that one white one on the upper top center-right, even though I must confess, it was unique looking, it did irritate me immensely. I took a long shot, not knowing much about Astrohaus the company. I had researched your products for the better part of a year but was unfamiliar with the people working at your company and their business practices and models. I took a screenshot of my discolored keyboard and sent the email. I did not initially hear a response back but I wasn’t really expecting one simply because I felt that your staff would get a good chuckle out of this story the way I later did after being initially peeved. The laughter continued when opening the small parcel in near disbelief. It was great to see a company so willing to go out of their way to appease their clientele and actually listen to their complaints and comments regarding products and orders and address these issues instead of just pretending that we’re invisible like so many other companies have done in the past and then force us to voice our complaints elsewhere shuffling us off to next connection number and the next and the next. It’s the little things that sometimes make such a huge impact like when a CEO responds to a customer and treats them like a human being instead of cattle or a data statistic. Your products are not cheap and by cheap I mean in the money sense but your products are not cheap either meaning they are made of great quality. I can also say that the customer service relations that your staff relays to its clientele is not cheap either, meaning of great quality. Thank you for your support.

P.S. The Freewrite looks complete with its slick black “Y” cap now.

Guy Rayner-Rudland (London, GB)
My keys are shiny new & black

All wonderful except the key cap removal tool was missing from the shipment. I bought one on Amazon.
Am very happy with the new look.