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Freewrite Traveler

Freewrite Traveler

Focused Fire

Finally without the awful/wonderful thing that is the internet, my dreams of a sci-fantasy of battles against robotic space dragons who eat planets can come to life.

Be prepared to wait and wait and wait for your order. No responsive customer service.

A life time of waiting is over

As many others I backed the Traveller some 2.5 years ago.

And it was a long wait...
At times I even forgot I bought the damn thing.
I had enough time to undergo the 5 steps of grief for my spent money countless times...

But then suddenly it came!! My excitement for unboxing this was through the roof. And it was worth every single painful and longing second for those 2.5 years. This little device is amazing. It’s sleek, geeky, fun to use and everything I hoped it would be and then some. I write on it every single day and it totally saved my 2020!

Asrohaus: If a Traveller sea edition ever is released I’m getting one!

Thank you

I love my Traveler. Wish it had come sooner before my mojo-inspired dreams were taken from me. Maybe that will change. Thank you so much for everything. I really do love it!

Fantastic - well worth the wait!

I'm in Europe, so I was part of the later batch of pledgers to receive the Freewrite Traveller. During that time, I anxiously went through reviews on the web, sweating when I saw the same comments over and over: the screen needed to be backlit, there was a delay between pressing a key and the character appearing on screen. However, I'm thrilled to say that this hasn't been a problem at all for me.
The Freewrite Traveller is sleek and satisfying. It's a delight to be able to open the screen and get into writing immediately - no waiting for things to load or start up. If you want to write, you can do so immediately, and turn it off again just as quickly if your creative moment is short-lived.
There has been a software update since the original reviews went out, and I believe the keyboard input delay is now much shorter. I don't find it a problem to work with myself. If anything, it encourages you to keep writing, to get to the end of a paragraph, before going back to read what you've written. It can be a little tricky to move your cursor around the screen to edit, but it is possible, and after all, this is a writing device, not an editing one.
I haven't had the chance to view the screen in strong sunlight yet, but as someone who stares at a lit computer screen all day for work, it's extremely pleasant to be able to write on an unlit one.
The keyboard is very satisfying to use (this was the main reason to buy for myself) and the folder system is well thought out. You can view all your documents easily and choose which one to continue writing. It's also very simple to connect to your wifi and add your email address (which then displays in the little box below the main screen). The battery life lasts a very long time, so I don't need to charge it every night (like I would with my laptop).

I love it

So many reasons. This is simply amazing and I’m lucky to have gotten. My only problem now is I want other one. I’m using it as a “screen free” way to teach my daughter to type. I could go on and on, but buy it and see. Worth Every Penny. I mean that seriously. I am not a person of means and this was a wise and happy investment in my future and my daughters future.

Wonderful device

I've already written two books on the device since it arrived and busy writing a third and so far so good. I'm definitely loving it. Very tactile, pleasant keyboard, light and enjoyable to the touch and generally a great experience.

Traveler and sleeve -- perfect match!

The Sleeve keeps your Traveler snug and happy -- and scratchless :)

Freewrite Traveler

Wonderfully Well-Intentioned

I am a huge fan of my Traveler. It's comfortable to use, intuitive to set up, and easy enough to figure out beyond the basics. However, there are elements of it that feel very first generation - especially when you consider the substantial price tag. Overall, I am very curious to see how they are able to refine and polish the Traveler in future iterations. Having said that, I love the keyboard, the build quality is very solid, and I am excited to use it more. But, if you're on the fence because of the price, you may just want to sit this model out for now.

I just unboxed my Freewrite Traveler

Hi Adam! I just unboxed my Freewrite Traveler today. I got it last November but I didn't have the time to savor the unboxing process until today. I am in love so far! I love the packaging and the feel of the item. The manual has really come in very handy and the instructions are very straightforward. I actually posted the unboxing on my Youtube Channel (Jo's Journey) and I wanna give myself at least a month of using the Freewrite Traveler before I post an in-depth review about it. To be quite honest, I am already in-love with the first impression I got so far. You guys did a wonderful job! Thank you in advance! Take care and Happy New Year of the Metal Ox! :)

Rediscovering lost values

I work all day in a virtual office world. Everything is digital. Little is tangible. The Freewrite returns me to a tactile time when the product of one’s efforts was enduring. It truly does deliver on the promise of focusing on the task/story/thought at hand. It is a delightful, rewarding piece of machinery! Every home should have one.

Thank you...

This has increased my writing 100%. I’m using it as a “screen free” way to teach my daughter to type and she loves it. This has a hard invest to make financially and I was worried about making it. Yet, the moment I opened the box I felt better. Quality was in the packaging. Then I opened the box that held the free write and it was beautiful and awesome and little and perfect. Then, it wasn’t about the freewrite, it was about me. Yet, this is an amazing tool to make the “me” part move forward.

Perfectly suited for my Freewrite

I love the sleeve for my FreeWrite. Although it doesn't stay in it long, when it's in, I know it's protected. Sleek and light, it fits in my bookbag purse so I can take it EVERYWHERE!!!

Freewrite Smart Typewriter (2nd Gen)

Worth the wait

I waited years for my Traveler and it was well worth it!

Freewrite Traveler

The perfect tool for developing the habit of writing every day. Syncing with Google docs works fine, even using markdown. The integrated file manager is very convenient for moving documents, archiving or deleting them. I use the arrow keys very little, but if necessary they can always be used. A few small bugs that I'm sure they will fix shortly, it would perhaps be useful to have a place to report bugs or suggest small improvements. The battery life seems adequate to me at the moment, I hope it persists over time. Very happy with the purchase.


Send us another!

I'm not sure what to say.

Instead of the sleeve, I received another Freewrite Traveler. I guess I have a spare now.

The Freewrite Tote is a winner

The Freewrite Tote is well made and roomy.

Will you support traditional Chinese in future?

I do install Chinese language, but it seems not work, I can’t input.

Great Protection

I love the felt and leather sleeve. It protects and looks classy at the same time. I’m looking forward to being able to return to coffee shops sometime in 2021 to write. But until then, I’m happy working at home. I ordered a Techni Mobili Sit-to-Stand Mobile Medical Laptop Computer Cart from Amazon so I could write standing up instead of so much sitting. At any rate, the sleeve and the canvas tote bag protect and make transport of my favorite device very easy. Thank you Adam for all the unique touches and thoughtful details that make this overall experience the best writing experience I’ve ever had.

I Delayed. Needlessly.

I kept putting off setting up my Traveler because I have a very long history of technology NOT being my friend. I decided to set up on Christmas Day since this was a gift to myself. I realized this may not have been wise since there would be no help desk on Christmas, but went ahead anyway. Set-up was smooth, quick, and successful. I was able to begin using it immediately. I still have things to figure out, but the answers are readily available. The keyboard is amazing. No more typos due to fingers sliding around on top of keys as they do on my desktop keyboard. Each key creates a little “home” for the finger and it is clear and there is no mistaking when your finger moves from one to another. I am experiencing total buyer satisfaction. Thank you Adam! This was more than worth the wait!!