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Ein großartiges Schreibgefühl!

Tja, es gibt sicher ein paar Dinge, die ich an dem Traveler mokieren könnte. Aber diese Dinge sind für mich total nebensächlich, denn das Schreiben auf dem Gerät fühlt sich einfach gut an!
Bisher habe ich meine Manuskripte auf einem Tablet mit fest verbauter Tastatur geschrieben. Da aber der Akku in der Zwischenzeit deutlich nachließ und auch das Betriebssystem sich nicht mehr aktualisieren ließ, benötigte ich dringend ein neues Gerät.
Der Freewrite kam nicht in Frage, da der Tasten Anschlag für mich zu laut ist und das Gerät nur bedingt mobil ist. So habe ich mich dann für den Freewrite Traveler entschieden und meine Wahl absolut nicht bereut.
Die Tastatur ist großartig und es bedurfte nur wenig Zeit mich an sie zu gewöhnen. Das E-ink Display schont die Augen und es macht einfach Spaß auf dem Traveler

Cosmetic tweak to the Freewrite

It is really great to have the option to tweak the appearance of the Freewrite and I've wanted the black keyset for a while. It was great to see them in stock again, so I was very excited to order them. My only criticism is a minor one. I would have loved the new, red "New" keys to have their ink come with a white option to match the white keys on the rest of the keyset (instead of repeating the same design for the red keys in the default white set). This may be just personal preference, but I do think white ink would have looked a little better.

Pimped my type

Nothing quite like pimping up your Freewrite with different coloured keys. It's like fitting short, loud mufflers on your motorbike... superfluous but satisfying ; )


I love the black keys. They make the Freewrite look more distinguished.

My inner child is happier with the black keycaps.

Of course I don't really need cool black keycaps for my Freewrite. They neither spell better, nor make better word choices for me. But they bring a little extra fun to using my Freewrite. I think my inner child is happier because I put them on. If you're wondering if you should buy them, take off your grown-up hat.

Subtle black keycaps are my favorite and look much nicer in my opinion

My black keycaps finally arrived and after spending about 15 minutes installing them, I’m very happy with the results. The new keycaps are the same quality and identical in every way, except they’re black. The original white keycaps looked awful in my opinion, and really detracted from the user experience — at least for me. Perhaps keycap color should be an option when buying a new Freewrite, rather than an after-sale upgrade. I would have ordered one with black keycaps. I will keep the original white keycaps in case I ever want to reinstall them for some reason.

Still waiting...

I have not received the key cap set yet - probably because I live in Western Australia. Best wishes, TS.

Just what I was looking for

The Freewrite Traveller is a game changer, so happy I decided to get one. Nice design, easy to use and provides a satisfying typing experience.

I use it to write around the house and also while I’m on the go — having the sleeve is nice, too, as I can stow my freewrite in my backpack without worrying about my other belongings knocking into it.

Having the ability to upload writing docs via wi-fi is super convenient. And with no stream of notifications distracting me from my writing process, my focus is sharpened and I’m more productive.

All in all, the Freewrite Traveler is an incredible tool for anyone who writes on a frequent basis.

Comfortable Little Thing

I couldn’t use my Traveler much due to moving, but I absolutely loved it. It’s small, portable but still comfortable to use. I wish there was backlight display because the screen seems to be very dark without the direct sun light. I purchased a little lamp from Walmart and it helped a lot.

The Freewrite Traveller is great but I don't have all the bits I bought with it

The Traveler is fine but it is hard to write a review of it when I have not received the sleeve or tote ag that I bought with it. Although that is nothing to do with the machine itself, which works fine, I can't in all honesty write a review for new customers when I have not been supplied with all the goods that I have paid for.

It's for real!

In December 2020 I was done just reading the reviews and watching the videos. I finally decided I wanted to purchase a Freewrite. I ultimately went for the Freewrite Traveler and it has turned out to be a great purchase. The videos do not lie. I previously did all my writing using pen and paper. I now write all my drafts using my Freewrite Traveler. The device is so easy to just grab and take with me. The battery life is perfect. With the Freewrite Traveler I have added significant time to my daily writing. It started with 15 minutes and now I am up to 30 minutes. I am really enjoying it and recommend it to anyone wanting to just focus on their writing.

Simply transformed my writing process. I can't believe it.

Frankly, when I was considering buying the Freewrite a month ago I would not have believed any review that told me the truth about how good the Freewrite would be for drafting my book. But now that I have it and have used it for a few weeks, I have DATA (I track my daily words written); since I started using the Freewrite regularly, my daily words written have DOUBLED. Yes, DOUBLED. No exaggeration—if anything I'm underselling it. I wrote over 18000 words last week. I was barely getting 1500 a day on a good day before that.

The thing you have to know about the Freewrite is that this is not a one-step process to finishing your book. I am still going to need to heavily revise and edit on the computer when all is said and done, because the Freewrite is not built for that sort of work. Moreover, those 18000 words I wrote in one week are ROUGH. But crucially, they didn't exist before, and now they do! And I don't think they're much rougher at all than what I was writing on my laptop previously.

The difference between the laptop and the Freewrite is FOCUS. The Freewrite, because the interface is made for single-tasking, and the controls make it quite inconvenient to go back and edit what you have already put down, has made it possible for me to consistently move FORWARD in my writing like never before.

Like you, I read the reviews before buying and was skeptical of getting something this costly when I "already have a computer." Trust me writing on this thing is not like writing in a word processor. It's not a replacement for the computer, but a supplement to it. It will help you generate the words, sentences, and paragraphs that you will later organize and edit in your computer's word processor. It is very much like a typewriter. I'm a Millenial so I didn't realize what that meant until I started to do it. Now I can't imagine ever going back.

Don't get me wrong, the product has downsides. Sync straight up doesn't work on public WiFi networks like the one in my favorite local coffee shop (this is easily overcome in my experience by using the included USB to connect to the computer and get your drafts off by copy-paste, or by simply not connecting to public wifi in the first place and sycning when I get home). The plastic exterior, in just a few weeks in my backpack, is nicked and scratched like you wouldn't believe. And I might be going blind from squinting so hard at the tiny screen.

AND YET. This product has so completely and positively changed my writing life that none of those downsides really matter. If you need to focus on moving a big writing project FORWARD in its early drafting phase, this is the tool you want. Period.

P.S. The thing I have found really helpful as a complement to the Freewrite is the "Sprint" writing approach. For me, I set a target of at least 10 sprints per day. Each is a 15 minute period (I set a phone timer) during which I must write, no stopping, no interruptions. The Freewrite, obviously, minimizes interruptions and reins in wandering attention. If you're still picking up your phone mid-sprint (I still do, all the time), well, congrats, you're human! But if you're using this kind of system, the Freewrite at least makes it LESS likely that you'll find yourself suddenly staring at Youtube or Twitter, wondering where your day has gone.

The Most Useful Writing Tool I've Bought

I use it for drafting stories and journaling. As someone who edits at work and writes at home, I find the Traveler extremely useful for decreasing my time spent in front of a computer screen, as well as increasing my productivity by keeping me away from the distractions on the internet. Thank you, Astrohaus, for a wonderful product!

An unfortunate design flaw

So far I have but one complaint, and unfortunately it is an issue that cannot be fixed with the chosen technology within the device. The amount of delay between me typing and the displayed word averages a complete word at a time. I often will be writing the second word before the first one even appears on the screen. I realize that using e-ink is the downfall to this so they're really is no point of me complaining. However it is a substantial fault in design that has caused considerable difficulty to type coherently consistently.

A Great Experience & Well-Made Machine

I considered buying the Freewrite for a year, but always decided it was too expensive. Now that I've bought it, I genuinely love writing with it. I hope to use it daily for the next 30+ years (which would come out to $0.05 per day). It's definitely a well-made machine.

Nice to carry my freewrite typewriter in

It's very handy to carry my freewrite typewriter in since the felt and leather sleeve doesn't have a handle.

Nice Tote

I would love to have a messenger bag for the traveler. A whole collection of items around the pretty little thing!

Traveler Felt and Leather Sleeve

Great fit

Does exactly what was promised!

The dream drafting tool!

I supported the Traveler Indiegogo in 2018, and now that my Traveler is finally here I'm so delighted to incorporate it into my writing process. It's brilliant for that initial word-dump of drafting, before the editing brain takes over, and eliminates distractions and the fear of the blank page by making it all just that bit more informal. The enhanced functionality that has come since the initial prototype has blown my mind - adding extra language inputs, several documents in each folder, and the ability to move within a document for simple edits... it's now got everything you need to get going and get! things! done! I can't wait to see what I'll write using my Traveler :)

Epic Stories Tote Bag

It's So Portable!

I love that I can just pack the Traveler up at a moment's notice (I'm an on-call grandma during covid) and take it with me, no muss no fuss, into my bag. I love the way it types, it's just sooooo cool to work with. I haven't been this over-the-moon about a piece of writing equipment since IBM brought out their Selectric typewriter back in the 70s. And just try slinging one of those into your backpack. Good job!

Freewrite Traveler
Easy, distraction-free, complete

It’s really easy to get started with the Traveler. The sink system with postbox is great, also the send draft key. And finally I don’t have to stare at a blue screen while I write!! I adore this tool.