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Lea Katunaric (Zurich, CH)
3.5 stars

It’s not exactly what I imagined, but it’s growing on me. For some reason I’m unable to connect to my home wifi, and you don’t offer my language in keyboard selection ( which is Croatian). The lag on screen when I type was a bitt off putting, but I got used to it. Overall, I think it’s overpriced for what it actually does, but I will put it to good use.

M S Silverwick (Goshen, US)
Loving it

Not gonna lie, I was kicking myself in the butt for spending so much money on my freewrite traveler. So far its been great to have though and my productivity has gone way up. I was pretty much not writing at all before I got this thing, frozen by my internal editor. The freewrite traveler somehow makes that go away though once you get going. My goal is to just write my story as I see it, worry about editing later. I just want words to fill that little screen. I love how your word count is displayed on the bottom screen, it really makes me feel like I am making progress just watching that number go up.

If you have a hard time getting yourself to write and you have the funds, get the freewrite. Traveler or the original, doesn't matter. It will help.

K. (Lake Elsinore, US)
The only regret was not buying it sooner

Using the traveler for the last week has been enlightening. I didn’t realize how much stuff I let myself do that wasn’t writing: researching, making notes about plot points and character traits, making plot decisions and going back and changing them over and over. On the freewrite, I just write and I do it without worrying about things that I should have included 2 pages ago; I just make a note for later and continue on. In a week I’ve written 12,000 words without the normal amount of suffering and waffling I would normally do. I did not expect the traveler to make as much of a difference as it did, but I am thankful I finally pulled the trigger.

Smart Typewriter (Gen3)
MICH (Danville, US)
I'm a believer!

When you watch testimonial after testimonial on YouTube about how this product enhances a writer's output, you start wondering what they're getting out of it. Why the multiple videos? You're a writer--write! So I'm going to write this about the Smart Typewriter (Gen3) that I bought recently, and get on with my writing day:

It works! Since I started using it two days ago, my daily word count has tripled. No distractions, just fingers on the keyboard, writing till I can't see straight anymore!

Smart Typewriter (Gen3)
Samir (Vienna, AT)
Its really free of distraction

Not cheap but feels amazing - helps to get free of distractions and let you focus on the important things

Mr. Ji Young Jin (Dongdaemun-gu, KR)


Brandon Beck (Denver, US)
I love it! I have been writing a lot!

I think it's excellent! Easy to take wherever I want, and I can sit down and write anything. It doesn't have to be necessary, and it doesn't have to be perfect! There are no red underlines or suggestions to make you feel you need to edit while you're "brain dumping" a draft. It certainly makes you think less about the words and think more about what you're trying to put down.
Syncing the documents to my google drive is easy! The only problem I've been having so far is I'm not entirely sure how to update it the way it says on the website, and every time it resets, all of my documents are gone from my Freewrite traveler, but they're still on my google, so I still have them!
It took me a few years to gain the courage to buy this, I always thought it was costly, but I finally bit the bullet and got it. And I am delighted with it and don't regret it!
I love it, though!

Smart Typewriter (Gen3)
David de Young (Chicago, US)
Device works great. Case is a bit iffy.

Only the case has been an issue. The straps were too short when the device is the proper way around. Rally had to stretch them to make them work. Also the latches are a bit tricky. Would be nice if it felt a bit more like an attaché. It does look good!

Katherine Americano (San Diego, US)


Charlotte Brown (Austin, US)
Just getting started but I love it!

My ADHD heart is singing. I've tried what feels like a million 'hacks' to stay focused on drafting, only to inevitably succumb to overworking lines or falling down a research rabbit hole--and let's not even get started on the eye strain from looking at a screen all day. By it's very nature, the Traveler gets my brain into focus mode easily, allowing me to get the words out THEN worry about the technical bits. Both for my personal writing and for client work, it has already proven to be an incredible tool.

I will say that some features aren't the most intuitive (e.g. not being able to start a new draft from the draft folder) but the tutorial videos are invaluable to getting to know this unique interface.

So far, my only complaint is that I can't tap the spacebar twice to add a period. I write a lot in Scrivener so it's a feature I've come to love but that minor thing is far from a deal breaker. (Though if there's a way to make that happen someone let me know, lol!)

I'm overjoyed with this investment!

This is what I knew would help

The hemingway edition freewrite was all they said and more. It is beautiful, and quickly became one of my most prized posessions. I'm somewhat of a luddite, and do not take quickly nor kindly to computers nor word programmes.. This machine is exactly what I wanted...a typewriter with no paper, no ink, no hassles, just a perfect tool to let go and get what I want done. The synch is perfect, and seeing my words in the cloud storages almost instantaneously as writ make me feel like a literary rock star. I look forward to my sessions with it, and have never felt such freedom as I do with it. My videogame machine is a veritable paperweight now, and I feel an indescribable joy as I create what I've always wanted, but put off for literally years. No handaches, no computer headaches, just the supple feel of the keys and the feeling they give of finality. I always wanted to emulate and emote what the writers of past had done using a typewriter, and this machine has given me that which I sought, in full. The service at Astrohaus was impeccable, their patience boundless and professional, and I can wholeheartedly recommend their product, and them. The price was well worth the results. I sit on my couch and type on my machine propped on a plastic walmart chair and am supremely content. I will recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Love it! Wish there was a doc manager

The only thing that could improve would be a document manager - as is there are 3 folders, so you have separate pieces you can be writing about at a given time. While you can create new in a folder without losing the previous doc, you can’t actually navigate back to it. Overall still absolutely love the Hemingwrite.

Parker A. Hankins (Sophia, US)

This device is amazing! I am very minimalist as a person when it comes to technology. But I love to write, and I wrote my first four books on notebook paper. But with time that became difficult, and I couldn't just relax after a long workday and write if I had to sit at a hard desk and use my hands again which were already having trouble from using them the entire day. I wouldn't type on my phone because it contained no writing software. (Remember, I'm minimalist, so think Light phone--also eInk.)

Then I came across Freewrite. After a quick hour of research, watching videos, and reading articles, I purchased without hesitation.

It came in quickly, and I excitedly opened the package. It was beautiful! I couldn't wait to write. Learning the device was super quick, and in minutes I was typing up a short story. And finished an entire story in just two hours. 1500 words. It was shockingly good and distraction-free, and my words flowed out so quickly. I had no problem with any lag--the words kept up perfectly fine for me. The wifi syncing was instantaneous.

I'm now drafting out another book. Last night I wrote 1000 words in a short amount of time. And I'm ready to again. And I can sit on the couch or my favorite chair with tea and write comfortably. Or at a waterfall, the mountains, a hidden cabin.

The customer service was excellent, helpful, precise, and fast. This device is amazing! Extremely worth the money! Do not hesitate to buy!

Smart Typewriter (Gen3)
Steven Wensley (Copenhagen, DK)

Most amazing machin ever

Smart Typewriter (Gen3)
K. (Milwaukee, US)
Got me to write. Unexpectedly got me to really enjoy writing.

I've wanted to write leisurely for a few years now (sending letters to friends and family as well as for journaling therapy) but I really haven't found the laptop appealing and pen and paper is too slow. On top of that, both my computer and phone have such a strong association with work and distractions that it's really hard for me to get in the writing mindset (even with all of the app blockers and productivity tools I have installed).

I love the look of the Typewriter! Aesthetically, it calls you to be typed on. I'm constantly eyeing it up as I do other tasks throughout the day. The keys feel amazing and there's nothing to get in your way. It's very easy to get in a groove with this thing. Plus, with the carrying case, sold separately lol, I find it very portable (the case also fits my earbuds and a 7.8 inch eInk tablet so I can take my productivity on the go). Before getting started, make sure to read the user manual as there's a lot this thing can do but you need to learn the keyboard shortcuts. TLDR; I am doing a lot more writing than I set out to do.

CON: For my use, the only thing that's missing is direct printer connectivity, or at least a better way to print finished drafts quickly. Clicking the 'SPECIAL' button on the Freewrite emails yourself the current document as a PDF and .TXT file, but the PDF has a long pre-written, unmodifiable signature followed by your email at the top of the page, and another 'Sent from my Freewrite' signature at the bottom of it with the date and page number, so I can't print those for my letters (though I would love to because the font is great!). And the plain .txt files need time modding to look appealing. So I'm still working this part out :/ If they let you delete the signatures and page number it would be perfect for me.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This thing is typing only and doing major editing afterwords on a computer (either by transferring analog to your computer via cable, or wifi). With the gen 3 you can now do substantial editing on the Freewrite, all the editing I need as a hobbyist, but probably not enough if you write much longer works. It does nothing else. Do not expect anything more than that.

Do you want to write but have found it near impossible to get yourself to do it? I lost several years of writing, the $$$ I paid is an investment into accomplishing the goals I have and it's already made me much happier and productive.

Smart Typewriter (Gen3)
Yang sang oh (Seoul, KR)

Smart Typewriter (Gen3)

Smart Typewriter (Gen3)
Artur Szczęsny (Katowice, PL)
I love it

I love Freewrite (Gen 3)! It's made from great materials, it's really beautifull and it very improves writing. Artur (Poland)

Smart Typewriter (Gen3)
Alicia Clark

So I purchased the Gen 2 Freewrite and the Traveler and loved them both, though I found the keyboard on the Gen 2 to be missing that special something. Still I was able to hash out quite a few short stories. Fast forward to the Gen 3 (which I wasn’t sure about tbh because how much of a difference could it make?) and I’m so glad I bought it. From the document manager to the ability to adjust the font straight from the device to its AMAZING tactile keyboard experience it is officially the perfect machine. If you haven’t bought it, you should. Viva le words!

Inspires creativity in its most refined form.

I am most pleased with the Hemingway Freewrite Signature Edition. It came with the cognac leather hard case protecting its silvery aluminum frame and keeps dust away from the glorious dark green keyboard.
It was easy to setup with postbox and google docs and works flawlessly. The slight delay of the E-ink screen is not an issue with the latest firmware update (1.5). It is a delightful experience to sit in the sun and write with no distractions. It summons your inner creator to roam free and write from your visions without any reason to stop. It is like nothing else (Except the other Freewrite devices).
The spacebar was a bit rattling, so I lubed the stabilizers, and it sounds good now. I had the experience I expected right out of the box with the master crafter's touch - as foreseen by the designer of this magical modern typewriter of our time.
There can be improvements and variants, and I expect there to be such in the future. For now, this is the ultimate writers tool for me.

I love it. Thank you Astrohaus for all your hard work.

Smart Typewriter (Gen3)
Natasha Oakley (Helston, GB)
Just what I needed

First Draft delight. A very satisfying typing experience. Arrived much more promptly than I expected which was a bonus.

1M Words Freewrite Pin
Theophilus Monroe (Holden, US)
Functions perfectly.

This pin does exactly what it's supposed to. It pins on whatever you like. There are no problems with battery drainage or software glitches. It's currently sitting on my shelf because, well, it's not like I go around wearing a lot of pins. Still, if I ever want to go to a writer's conference and say "Lookie, me! I've written 1M words on my Freewrite," now I can do it! My ego is served. :)

Ernest Hemingway Freewrite Signature Edition
Luke Monroe (Oklahoma City, US)
My New Typer is The Bomb

Ok, so my '6-word short story' isn't as good as Hemingway's was reported to be ... 'For Sale: Baby shoes. Never worn' ... but I really like having his frosty-haired mug up on my screen, and a constant reminder by way of his engraved signature that I'll never be that good. And that's OK.

The entire presentation of this limited-edition variant brings that era/those writers to mind. I own an Olivetti Lettera 32, an OG IBM Selectric I, and another old Smith Corona. It amazes me how well that old tech holds up in 2022. The machining of the arms, the quality of the anodized chassis ... every single part of those old typers oozes quality.

So does this Hemingwrite.

I've owned a Gen 2 Smart Typewriter. It was/continues to be an amazing piece of gear. Ditto my Traveler.

This one though ... it feels like a device that my grand-kids will be typing on.
Couldn't recommend it enough. I haven't gotten really granular as to the dimensions/spacing, but it FEELS like the keys on this limited edition are spaced out just a bit more. Could be by design or just how it feels because of the different key caps. Either way, I find that my accuracy on this keyboard is better than my Gen 2 and my Traveler.

All 3 of them make it virtually impossible to fall back in love with the chiclet keys of my MacBook Air, but that's another matter entirely.

Smart Typewriter (Gen3)
Luis Crowe (Oakland, US)

I just loved it. I wasn’t sure if I would like it before. Actually I bought it few months ago and I cancelled the order before I got it. So I tried again and I can say now that I love it. I use it every day and I can write much better because there is no ding dings every time I get an email or message. Absolutely great writing stuff!!!

Smart Typewriter Attaché Case
Don Anderson (Astoria, US)
Snazzy and Functional

What I especially like about the Freewrite attaché case is that it fits in well with the serious writing theme. It looks sharp, but it really does make the the Freewrite easier to take around, while protecting it. It needed feet on the bottom so I could set it down without worrying about hurting the leather, so I bought some stick on feet that go with the case. I would suggest that they be added in manufacture in the future. Well done!

Sierra Boehm (Sacramento, US)
THE Best investment in my writing!

I spent weeks researching the product before I bought it. After a decade of “trying” to write a novel without ever finishing an entire chapter, I am currently working on chapter 4, after only a week or so of having the device.

To address some of the concerns you might have when thinking about buying a Traveler, here’s my take:

The small delay between key press and it appearing on screen was a concern, but I’ve found that it’s a non issue. I’m actually improving my typing using the freewrite because not having spellcheck forces me to be more deliberate.

I’m sure you know the benefits of distraction free writing and draft focused writing if you are considering this product, and it really does work. But another benefit I didn’t anticipate is that not being able to edit on the fly easily is forcing my best work out of me. If I write a paragraph that’s not fantastic, it’s easier to simply delete it and start again than to try to bandage it with edits. It removes the temptation to put a band aid on mediocrity and instead forces you to step your game up a bit.

The battery life is probably not as good as they try to make it sound. But it’s very good nonetheless, and probably lives up to its advertising if used as described. I find I spend a lot of time thinking while writing, and when I ponder too long it goes to sleep and then wakes up again instantly with the push of a button, making it very efficient. This being said leaving it on sleep mode overnight doesn’t do the battery and favors, so do a full shutdown when you know you won’t be using it for a few hours or more.

It’s not as bad of a fingerprint magnet as I had feared, not any worse than any other mobile device I own.

The keys are super satisfying and tactile, it’s a joy to type on. You can get some nice click clack going but it’s capable of nearly silent typing if you use a gentle touch, so it’s a nice balance.

Ease of use as far as document management and Wi-Fi/cloud features is really great. Everything was set up and working without issue in just a few minutes. Painless. The Wi-Fi connects reliably without intervention once it knows a source, even when using a phone as a hotspot.

I love the one touch email function! I can zip a draft to my email and then read it on my iPad or phone as a walk around and stretch, then sit back down and continue writing or scrap something that needs re written.

It was packaged nicely a arrived quickly.

My only complaints about this device are as follows:

The battery indicator is not very accurate. It seems to be on 50% forever and then one day needs charged. I’m hoping it gets improved in a future firmware update. Speaking of firmware updates the process was fairly painless, so that’s nice.

Another con is the power connection seems a bit flimsy, and the charging indicator light doesn’t work when the unit is fully powered down. It works fine when the unit is on standby. Not a deal breaker but this could have been executed better.

I’m not super in love with the plastic exterior. The unit feels strong enough but it’s definitely not going to take the kind of abuse an iPad or iPhone can take. Probably invest in a hard shell case if you are traveling a lot in public transit. Love to see this in aluminum, especially at this price point.

All in all this device does what it says on the tin, and despite its few flaws I find that it’s superpower is getting words out of your fingers, and that it absolutely does. If you are perpetually beset by distractions or your inner editor won’t let you write a draft in peace, just buy a freewrite. It’s quirks and minor issues are greatly overshadowed by its utility.

If it had a better battery indicator and aluminum case I’d have given it five stars.