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Terry (Provo, US)
Productivity away from my desk!

I can write literally anywhere at any time. I can write in bed, on the couch, on my lunch break, or the bus. This has let me write whenever an idea strikes and I never have to worry about losing an idea!


There really isn't much instructions. I am worried I will not get use to this. Very expensive for what it does. Still trying to set up a box for it but can't read the small print in order to do so. It only stays on the screen for a few seconds before I can get a magnifying glass to read it then its gone. It looks like such a simple machine, i do love it if I can get it going. I love the size and quietness. If only there was a back light to see. A nice booklet of instructions would help. I have to go to youtube to try to find the right video to help. I'm not sure if its worth keeping it. We shall see.


The product has become nothing more than a glorified paper weight. I received mine and a few months later, it broke. Then, as ot was still in the warrantly period, i ordered another one and it broke again. I didnt bother to contact the company for a replacement, at that point, I didnt want one. But, it has been sitting in my home, unused and a sign that i shouldnt purchase everything I see online. If you're debating this and a word processor or type writier, get that instead. Its less expensive and probably much, much better.

Traveler Felt and Leather Sleeve
Vernon Trumbull (Philadelphia, US)
Worth it.

I purchased the Traveler with the felt case. It's wonderful. I have written 25k words in 2 weeks. It's easy to use, simple, and fully distraction free. I go down to the park everyday and write for 30 minutes. No cell phone, no wallet. Sometimes I get lost in the story, and dont come out of it for an hour or more. I am making good progress on my first book, the best progress I have made to-date. It is worth the cost. For me.

Smart Typewriter Felt and Leather Sleeve
Heidi Hodges (New York, US)
Nice quality

This case is made of very nice quality materials. It fits perfectly and is a great way to store (protects from dust) or travel (gives it a little extra cushioning) with my Freewrite. The color is classic and the texture is timeless.

susan levey (Elkins Park, US)
not so much of a fan

while i had high hopes.... i am still on the fence

Alpha Raven Black
Kateline PerDue (Corona, US)
I love my Freewrite Alpha!

I have been wanting a Freewrite for so long! I saved up and was debating between the Alpha and the Hemingwrite and decided to go with the Alpha after seeing a something that mentioned getting the Alpha as a starter/introduction device and that really was a great bit of advice. It’s been wonderful! The portability of it, the ease of use, the simplicity of it, and the feel of it. I love the keys/ switches. It’s super satisfying! I’ve made a lot of headway with my writing and I am so excited to see where it all goes!
At first, my initial tester drafts did not save, but they have been good since then. It may have been because I didn’t get a chance to set up my cloud saving account until after I had done an initial test. Everything has been saving and uploading to the cloud seamlessly!
I am excited to save up again to get a Hemingwrite down the road!

Alpha White Speckled
Linzy Taylor (Buckeye, US)

The freewrite has already proven to be super helpful. I never realized that I tend to allow my eyes to travel up my document while writing. This tool is excellent to get words out without editing on the spot. Which is so important! This helps me get words down fast!

Alpha White Speckled
Hunter Thibodeaux (Dallas, US)
Freewrite Alpha

So I always wanted to get serious with my writing, but every time I tried on my laptop, something about it would just cause me to quit. I’d constantly brainstorm up some story and try and start it, but only get about 2000 words in and would give up.

I’ve been following Freewrite products for a few years now, never wanting to take the leap, mainly for financial reasons. I almost got involved with the indiegogo campaign for the alpha, but had decided not to.

One day I decided, what the heck, I’m just going to buy the alpha. I was looking into the Alphasmarts, since they were cheaper options, but I just didn’t care for them since they were going up in price, no longer serviced (at least not where I live), and I just didn’t care for the style of them much.

Since getting the freewrite alpha, I’ve finished 1 short story, which is a first, I’ve never once completed ANY story ever. And I’m currently a little over 10,000 words deep into my first novel.

I tend to spend a lot of writing time in bed, shooting for anywhere’s between 500-2000 words a day, (depends on how I feel) and it’s truly helped me improve on actually sitting down and writing.

Super odd though, I always saw videos marketing the device, and specifically when typing on the ‘small font’ setting, they only showed getting 4 lines on the screen, however, I get 5? Not sure if that’s a recent update or not. Just wanted to add that in. I love having the extra line.

The keyboard is great. My only complaint is the spacebar, it’s a little clanky. Besides that the keys sounds very pleasant to the ears.

The battery life has been great. I’ve had the device for about 2 weeks now. Only charged it once. Usually have 30-60 minute sessions on it per day and I’m sitting at around 81% (last I checked) battery life.

The kickstand could be a tad bit better, I find sometimes when I’m typing with it up on my desk, the device will move slightly back, almost as if it’s being pushed. For me, it’s not a deal breaker because I do most of my reading/writing in bed.

I have heard some people having issues with losing their drafts, so what I do to avoid that, every time I’m done with a session, I press the send button and it emails the draft to me. Please note, I’ve yet to experience losing any of my work. I just know in the past, it’s been an issue for people. I’d rather be safe than sorry.

I was hoping the build to feel a little more… “premium” I suppose, it’s plastic, and very obvious it’s plastic. But given it’s their entry level product, I suppose it’s fine.

All-in-all, a really great product. With just a few non-groundbreaking drawbacks, it does everything I need it to do and it’s 100% given me a HUGE boost in my writing productivity.

Highly recommend.

Warehouse Sale - Alpha White Speckled

Great, super, Awesome!!!

I knew to order this because I would probably need it to return the device since so many comment and reviews say so.


Was Defective out of the box. Not worth the $

Smart Typewriter (Gen3) - Special "Ink" Edition

Terry Hamrick (Cartersville, US)
Loving the Traveler!

I’m very pleased with this purchase. The keys have a nice feel and I really haven’t noticed fingerprints on the outside cover being such a big issue.

Justin Johnson (Bridgeport, US)
Nifty Machine

I am really loving my Freewrite Traveler. It is lightweight and very lovely key feel. Why 4 stars? I would love dedicated arrow buttons instead of holding 3 buttons to move the cursor. The bottom needs a little weight as on the table I type on has some bounce and at times the lid wants to get the machine to topple over. It is a great machine though and I like it a lot.

Alpha Raven Black
Sunny Whaley (New York, US)
Very nice

Yes very nice. I had bought the ink but needed to intuitively know all the keys. I can see the keys on the alpha and when I become more fluent will use both equally.

April PS (Annandale, US)
It's so easy to write with this!

When I leave my phone across the room, turn down the volume on my children (HAAA!), and have a cup of coffee at the exact right temperature, I just write write write. No distractions! No constant editing! It's amazing! I wrote 2k words in the first 2 days.

Ernest Hemingway Freewrite Signature Edition
Melissa Lenore Hamann (Tucson, US)
It Seems Unreasonable Until It Isn't

I stewed over making this purchase for about a year. I looked into alternatives, I told myself that I could just put my laptop in airplane mode and it would be the same, but the Hemingwrite haunted me. I celebrated graduating university summa cum laude and receiving an incredible job offer by finally taking the plunge and buying the Hemingwrite and now, I can't stay away. It's gorgeous, works incredibly well, and makes me want to always be writing. I feel more motivated and can't stop talking about my typewriter to those who are curious. I love the look and feel and the case. It's a hefty purchase and you should take the time to think it over, but it's definitely worth it.

Getting started is a breeze... and so is continuing

My typewriter is beautiful and works smoothly. It has just enough technology and features to be helpful without being distracting. Really a great writing device. My words flow easily while using it (no WiFi required) and I have been able to easily sync to a computer for editing and publishing. The idea for this machine is brilliant. Taking away distractions helps me write a lot more.

Ernest Hemingway Freewrite Signature Edition
Craig Highberger (Senoia, US)
Beautifully Made - Wonderful Keyboard and Display and Case

I am very happy with my purchase. This is everything I wanted. Beautiful durable metal housing, fantastic keyboard. A nice leather case. Also the ability to be offline, and to connect to my iMac and save my work onto my computer. A great device to concentrate on only my writing without any other distractions.

Words Are Hard Writing Prompt Deck - Base Pack

Smart Typewriter (Gen3)
Enrique Carrasco (Beloeil, BE)

Smart Typewriter (Gen3)

Carol Ann Witschi (Greensboro, US)
Slows down my typing

I’m a fast accurate typer but these keys are slow to react and create many many typos. It’s frustrating when you type words correctly but they are wrong on the screen. Doesn’t flow as well as promised. Also, paid $50 for the sleeve which finally showed up and looks like junk. I don’t think it’s actually leather. Not worth the money.

Traveler Felt and Leather Sleeve
Nancy Kuykendall (Jamestown, US)
Love the Traveler sleeve!

I’m enjoy using my Traveler and wanted this sleeve to protect it and to be my case when traveling. This sleeve is beautiful and fits the Traveler perfectly.

Traveler Felt and Leather Sleeve
Customer (Fairport, US)

Traveler Felt and Leather Sleeve