E Ink Display Typerwriter


E Ink Display for Writers: Like Paper Only Better

E Ink Display - Freewrite Typewriter"What's the fuss? Isn't an e ink display just another computer screen? It's hard on the eyes and power hungry on my laptop, right?" If that's what you think, you're missing out on a powerful productivity tool that could take your writing to the next level.

What is an E Ink Screen?

If you own an e-book reader, such as an Amazon Kindle, Kobo Aura or Nook, you've already seen the power of e ink at work. The latest generation of e-book readers uses cutting edge technologies that transform the appearance of the words on the screen. What you see is not the typical LCD computer monitor format. Instead, the words on the screen look like real paper pages.

E-reader makers get that "real page look" with e ink.

The Writing Power of an E Ink Display

It's a fact that e-books give readers significant advantages. But, does e ink give writers benefits, too? You bet!

The superb electronic paper display used in the Freewrite Smart Typewriter is a must-have tool for anyone who writes. Here's why:

  • The charged ink particles in the e ink provide maximum visibility and contrast reducing eyestrain as you write.
  • The Freewrite has a long battery life because e ink screens use little power.
  • E ink means you can take the Freewrite anywhere, including outside in bright sunlight, and still see the screen.
  • With the built-in front light, work at night or in practically any lighting situation. Turn the light off when you don't need it. You'll be ready to write wherever and whenever inspiration hits.
  • The Freewrite e ink display not only improves readability but puts the power of advanced word processing at your fingertips. Features include the ability to enlarge fonts, edit your documents, save your work and move effortlessly from one document to the next.
  • Backlit flat panel LCD monitors emit light. Artificial light not only causes eyestrain but physical fatigue as well. Electronic paper displays reflect natural light instead. You'll feel better, work longer and produce more.

Up your writing game with Freewrite.