• Traveler Felt and Leather Sleeve


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Traveler Felt and Leather Sleeve
Traveler Felt and Leather Sleeve
Traveler Felt and Leather Sleeve
Traveler Felt and Leather Sleeve

Traveler Felt and Leather Sleeve

Compatible with:
Traveler, Ghost

The Freewrite Traveler Felt and Leather Sleeve is the ultimate companion for your portable writing tool, designed to hug the unique contours of the Traveler with a custom-fit shape. Genuine leather and compressed felt form a protective cocoon, while a soft microfiber interior ensures the device stays scratch-free. Durable, stylish, and thoughtfully constructed, this sleeve is essential for the writer on the go.


  • Custom-designed for the Freewrite Traveler: Engineered exclusively to accommodate the Traveler's distinctive contours, ensuring a snug and secure fit.
  • Premium materials for superior protection: Crafted from high-quality, genuine leather paired with densely compressed felt, this sleeve offers a sophisticated aesthetic along with durable construction.
  • Soft microfiber interior: Lined with a plush microfiber fabric that gently cradles your device, guarding against scratches and impacts while inside the sleeve.
  • Magnetic closure for secure transport: A subtle magnetic clasp ensures your Freewrite Traveler remains safely encased, providing peace of mind as you carry it from place to place.
  • Attention to detail: Meticulously stitched and carefully inspected to meet the high standards of Freewrite users, ensuring longevity and satisfaction.


Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Nancy Kuykendall (Jamestown, US)
Love the Traveler sleeve!

I’m enjoy using my Traveler and wanted this sleeve to protect it and to be my case when traveling. This sleeve is beautiful and fits the Traveler perfectly.

Customer (Fairport, US)

Traveler Felt and Leather Sleeve

YH (Acton, GB)
Great case.

Great cases for the freewrite’s

Mica Busby (Birmingham, US)

Traveler Felt and Leather Sleeve

Ekaterina Vasilieva (Tel Aviv, IL)
Best thing I ever bought

I've already had a Freewriter in the past, and really enjoyed the more obvious advantages of the device (like distraction free writing), but I recently had a baby and found it very hard to keep writing or doing anything on my laptop, both because of how big it is and because of the fear of something happening to it with a baby constantly on your hands. The Traveler, however, thanks to its small size and firm material, allows me to write whenever and wherever, even while the baby is asleep on me or I'm breastfeeding. The keyboard is small and it's not as challenging to type with one hand as it would be on a laptop or a bigger typing device. It's also light enough that you can just tuck it under your arm and carry it anywhere without fearing that you will drop it. So grateful and happy that this thing exists <3