What Kind of Storyteller Are You?

March 19, 2024 | 3 min read

Storytelling is the beating heart of humanity, a tradition that connects us across time, culture, and space. From the earliest cave paintings to the latest blockbuster films, storytelling has been our most powerful tool for expression, understanding, and connection.

Through stories, we make sense of the world around us, exploring our fears, desires, and dreams. We pass down wisdom from one generation to the next, preserving our history and shaping our future. From authors and journalists to filmmakers and musicians, storytelling is at the core of who we are.

The ultimate beauty is that there's no one way to be a storyteller. Every storyteller has a unique perspective and brings their own experiences and talents to the craft. In fact, we storytellers often have a specialty or superpower in one area or another.

We gathered some of our favorite talents to create a few common storyteller archetypes we see in the Freewrite Fam.

So let's find out: What kind of storyteller are you?


Discover Your Storyteller Archetype

Choose the category that best describes your storytelling prowess to discover what type of storyteller you are. You might even fall between one or two categories.

Knowing your strengths will help you embrace your unique style and tone — and give you ideas on what areas to work on.


The Puppet Master excels at plot and adventure. Your stories are never lacking in action, and you consider yourself the master of twists and turns. Your specialty is regaling an audience with tales of daring exploits, fantastical journeys, and epic quests, whether fiction or true to life.

You thrive on the thrill of exploration and discovery, igniting the imaginations of all who listen.


You're an Empath — to fictional characters. And real ones, of course! The Empath specializes in developing characters and invoking complex emotions. Your stories are driven by interpersonal relationships and the personalities of your characters, who feel real and whole.

(And, yeah, you occasionally make the audience cry.)


You are all about language. You might write songs, poems, or novels, but no matter what it is you're creating, it's sure to be lyrical and enchanting. You delight in a clever turn of phrase and obsess over the way a sentence sounds. (Yes, you've even been known to hang out on Thesaurus.com.)

For you, the craft of storytelling is all about elevating language to an art form.


The Sage embodies wisdom and insight, often sharing profound lessons with others in the form of story. This includes everything from self-improvement guides to narratives with strong philosophical questions.

You're probably a Sage if you like your stories to have a moral or to invite the audience to reflect deeply on the human condition. There's a good chance you like symbolism and metaphor, too!


Playful and mischievous, the Jester's main challenge is to entertain others. Humor is your weapon of choice, as well as wit, satire, and unexpected twists to keep your audience engaged — and laughing.

Of course, beneath the laughter is a keen observer of human folly illuminating truths about society and human nature. That's the Jester.


You like facts. From journalism to memoir, journaling to academia, your stories dwell in the realm of reality. Your main role is to witness this one true life and share it with others.

You are a custodian of knowledge and experience. A witness to the mundane, the incredible, the truth. 




So, are you a Puppet-Master Bard? A Sage Jester? Let us know on X or Instagram!

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