10 Best Gifts for Every Type of Writer

December 10, 2023 | 3 min read

Whether you are a writer or simply love one, you probably know that shopping for writers is difficult. After all, they're quirky creatures. Luckily, you're in the right spot.

We know writers. We are writers. And we know this: There's nothing writers love more than when loved ones support their passion and gift something that helps them do more of what they love to do.

We’ve compiled the 10 best gifts every type of writer to help you shop this holiday season:


1. For The Writer Who Wants To Finally Finish That Book

Smart Typewriter is the OG model in the Freewrite line. It combines the feeling of an old-fashioned typewriter with the perks of modern technology. Smart Typewriter features a fantastically tactile mechanical keyboard, an easy-on-the-eyes E Ink screen, and useful writing stats, like word count and more. With a distraction-free dedicated drafting device, any writer — or writing wannabe! — will finally be able to reach "The End."

Gift Smart Typewriter with our reversible Assembly Deskmat to really set the scene for productivity! This mesmerizing modern design was created with premium eco-leather exclusively for Freewrite by Oregon art director, designer, and illustrator Matt Pamer.


2. For The Writer Who Travels For Inspiration

Any writer who finds inspiration in the world at large needs Traveler, our ultraportable model that's featherweight and half the size of a laptop. Traveler has a silky-smooth scissor switch keyboard that's quiet but more tactile than a typical laptop keyboard — each key has over 2mm of travel!

Don't forget to grab the custom Felt and Leather Sleeve so Traveler is safe on the go!


3. For The Writer Who’s An Old Soul

Our popular "Hemingwrite" model pays homage to the most iconic literary personality of the last century. An officially licensed collaboration with the Ernest Hemingway estate, any Hemingway fan will find immense inspiration in this special edition of the Freewrite Smart Typewriter.

The "Hemingwrite" features Hemingway's signature on its hand-polished raw aluminum chassis that will develop a distinct patina over time.


4. For The Writer Who Always Puts A Smile On Your Face

Sunny days and bittersweet stories are front of mind when a creative sits down to write on Smart Typewriter in Lemon. This bright special edition will put a smile on anyone's face with its color-matched keys and tactile keyboard. 


5. For The Midnight Writer

Ink is our most recent special edition. This stunning all-black model of Smart Typewriter is inspired by the night sky and the tools of the literary greats.

If your writer is a night owl, there's no better tool than Ink. It shares specifications with the original Smart Typewriter, which includes a front light for writing in the dark!


6. For The Writer Who Sees Things Differently

Anyone who enjoyed the clear tech of the 90s and early 'aughts will love Ghost. Our first special edition Traveler, Ghost has made quite the splash with its unique clear body and matching features. And this special edition is going fast!


7. For The Writer Who Loves Freewrite

Artist Todd McLellan (famed for his "Things Come Apart" series featured by the Smithsonian) created this museum-quality "Freewrite Disassembled" print, which spectacularly reveals the intricate anatomy of the beloved Freewrite Smart Typewriter.

Any Freewrite fan would be happy to receive this collectible piece of heritage art that celebrates the Freewrite universe!


8. For The Writer Who Likes To Talk To Strangers

Trust us. People are going to have questions when they see a writer out and about with the Words Are Hard Tote Bag! It's a quick and easy way to start a conversation. This large bag comes with a generous bottom gusset that offers plenty of space for a Freewrite or groceries, and features two long handles for comfortable over-the-shoulder carry.


9. For The Writer Who Loses Stuff

Everyone has a favorite USB cable, right? The Freewrite 1.8M USB-A to USB-C cable is designed to connect with the entire Freewrite range, and it's always useful to have a backup. But users find themselves grabbing it for other tech, too! After all, it's nearly 6 feet long, features a distinctive braided nylon jacket, and is durable as heck.


10. For Anyone Who Wants to Write

The new Words Are Hard Writing Prompt Deck is designed to spark the imagination, tap into deeper creativity, and get those fingers flying. This curated collection features 150 thought-provoking prompts that span 8 writing genres to reach every corner of the imagination. This base pack makes a great stocking stuffer for all your writing friends!



And last but not least, a bonus:

For The Writer Who Has Strong Opinions

Look, sometimes there's only one person who knows what a writer wants: the writer. Cover all your bases with a Freewrite gift card.


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