Alpha Initial Release Notes

January 25, 2024 | 2 min read

Initial Alpha Firmware Release 0.11.2 > Now 1.14.2 

[ADDED in firmware 1.14.2] International English diacritical marks are supported on Alpha devices through the [alt gr] layer.

Issues We're Working On

- [FIXED in firmware 1.12.3] When you switch between drafts on Alpha, a special screen with a carousel appears. The carousel bars at the bottom of this screen may display incorrectly with drafts longer than 32 characters. However, switching between drafts will still work correctly.

[FIXED in firmware 1.12.3] An automatic file name is generated from the first 32 characters of a draft. Any invalid characters in those 32 spots will cause them to not show up on Mass Storage Devices (MSD, which is the backup/retrieval system over USB). Invalid characters include:

/ and \






< and >


- [FIXED in firmware 1.12.3] Changing the font on the device can sometimes get overwritten by your settings on Postbox. There are two current workarounds:

1) Change the font size using Postbox.
2) Open the Font screen on Alpha, wait a couple seconds, and then select a font and press Return.

- [FIXED in firmware 1.12.3] The draft session timer, seen on the heads-up display, resets to zero when the main menu is opened.

- [FIXED in firmware 1.12.3] Immediately following a connection to Wi-Fi and/or powering up, the device may lag and miss keypresses.

- [FIXED in firmware 1.13.X - coming soon] The lockscreen button in the main menu is not yet implemented.

- With caps lock enabled, the main menu will not respond to pressing 1, 2, 3, or 4.

- Alpha will sometimes report that it's connected over USB Mass Storage Device when you plug it into a simple wall charger when charging. This dialog on the screen can be ignored and closed using the Return key.

- The heads-up display might show 0% battery for some users. This is a false indication since the device is still running and there is still battery remaining.

Read about our recent Alpha 1.12.3 firmware update here.
Read about our recent Alpha 1.14.2 firmware update here.

We'll continue to add to these as issues come up.  Need help? Reach our support team here

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