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The Commuter

Light and portable distraction-free drafting. Under 2 lbs and backs up to the cloud for on-the-go sessions.

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The Original

Classic typewriter feel with modern conveniences.  Backlit E Ink screen and mechanical keyboard for epic drafting sessions.

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Embracing Digital Minimalism with Freewrite

March 18, 2023

Cal Newport's "Digital Minimalism" encourages cultivating an intentional relationship with technology to enhance well-being and focus on meaningful pursuits. Freewrite, with its e-ink screen and mechanical keyboard, supports this philosophy by providing a distraction-free writing tool without internet, social media, or notifications, fostering deep work and flow.

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Unleashing the Power of Deep Work with Freewrite

March 18, 2023

Cal Newport's book "Deep Work" emphasizes the significance of honing deep work habits to excel in our fast-paced, digital world. Freewrite tools are specifically designed to eliminate distractions, can help cultivate this mindset and supercharge the writing process, resulting in higher-quality work and increased productivity.

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Freewrite is a dedicated drafting device for anyone who writes, without the distraction – or temptation – of browsers, apps, or notifications.

Get in writing flow and develop more prolific writing sessions by separating the drafting and editing processes.  When it is time to edit, your drafts wirelessly sync to the cloud for export into your software of choice.

Push your productivity forward and tap into writing joy!