Why Use A Freewrite Device?

In short, it's the right tool for the job. Freewrite dedicated drafting devices combine old-school charm, like a mechanical keyboard and zero pesky notifications, with modern conveniences, like automatic syncing to the cloud and an eye-saving E Ink screen — all in the name of helping writers develop more prolific writing sessions. It's your place to simply just write.


Prolific Productivity

Instead of letting you write in peace, modern word processors litter your page with red underlines and grammatical suggestions — ultimately distracting you from reaching your flow state. That’s why Freewrite’s drafting tools have been thoughtfully designed to enhance creative focus and promote productivity.

Forward Momentum

At the core of Freewrite's design philosophy is an encouragement to move the writer forward. Intentionally lacking editing capabilities, Freewrite drafting devices help writers write more, not better. In drafting, quantity trumps quality.

Longer Writing Sessions

Dedicating time to write can be challenging when you’re drafting on a laptop that you use to do everything else. Unanswered emails and texts distract you, while the temptation of going down a social media or Wikipedia rabbit hole lingers. Sitting down with a Freewrite device helps you find your flow state faster — and stay there longer.

Write Like A Pro

There’s a reason MFA writing programs preach the concept of separating the drafting and editing processes. This method helps you achieve your flow state to promote productivity and produce better work. That’s why Freewrite devices have been designed to push your draft forward.


Zero Social Media, Apps, Texts, or Emails

With Freewrite, there’s no magnetic field pulling you to your inbox or favorite apps. Our drafting tools allow you to focus on your craft without the distractions that come with multi-purpose devices. 

No Temptation: Overcome Airplane Mode

Muted notifications and do-not-disturb mode don’t prevent you from clicking out of your doc. While these features are useful when you’re trying to sleep or on an airplane, they don’t help you produce your best prose. That’s where Freewrite comes in. 

End Stalled Momentum

Free yourself from stalled momentum and prevent lost ideas with single-purpose tools created to help you write better, longer — and free of distraction. One of our community members said it best: “I have never lost an idea, a moment.”


Banish Your Inner Critic

Are you your own worst enemy? Many writers are. Banish your inner critic with Freewrite and help your thoughts flow. Zero distractions, a satisfyingly tactile keyboard, and an easy-on-the-eyes E Ink screen all work together to help you relieve the pressure. 

Wave Goodbye To Writer's Block

We all know the feeling of being stuck. Free yourself from writer’s block with the first-of-its-kind drafting device designed to focus the mind and keep you drafting forward. 

Experts agree that freewriting is one of the best techniques to overcome the primary triggers of writer’s block (apathy, anger, anxiety, issues with others). Whether you’re feeling discouraged by your own self-editing or weighed down by the endless distractions of life in the digital realm, Freewrite’s drafting tools help you get in the zone and stay there.


It Just Feels Good

Good design makes a difference. Our engineers developed Freewrite devices with a tactile mechanical keyboard, blue light-free E Ink display, and an extra-large battery — a unique synergy that allows you to focus on your craft and write faster, longer, and better, without fatiguing your eyes, wrists, or mind.

Familiar Old-School Mechanical Keyboard

The satisfaction of a tactile keyboard comes to life on all Freewrite drafting devices. Because typing on touchscreens or folio cases just doesn’t cut it.

Easy-On-The-Eyes E Ink Screen

There’s nothing more frustrating than a good writing session coming to a crashing halt because of blue-light eye fatigue. Freewrite drafting tools are equipped with E Ink screens that are easy on the eyes and just the right size for you to channel your focus, one sentence at a time.

Inspiration Everywhere

Fully equipped with portable handles or slim enough to slide into a backpack, Freewrite devices are made for writers on the go. Find inspiration and capture your ideas in the moment, wherever you might be.


Do What You Love

Freewrite devices are specifically designed to help writers of all kinds — from novelists to ad copywriters to screenwriters — make the most of their skills. We create products to help you do what you love, even better. 

We champion the pleasure of writing in everything we do. While Freewrite drafting tools are our products, we are in the business of helping people pursue their passion. There’s an incredible joy that comes with focusing on one task and moving everything else to the background. 

Accomplish Your Goals

With thousands of satisfied and joyful customers and countless positive press reviews, Freewrite devices are helping writers all over the world achieve their goals, whether that means finishing a manuscript or just writing for themselves (and everything in between).

Invest In Yourself

Freewrite drafting tools provide immense value to the user. Enhanced productivity, increased focus, time back, and more creativity all combine for an ROI that no tablet or do-not-disturb app could ever outperform.