Sprinter Online Typewriter

Distraction-Free Writing in a Browser with Sprinter

Well-known writer Dorothy Parker once said, "I hate writing. I love having written." If you're a writer, you already know how easy it is to get distracted. Ms. Parker affirms what every writer knows — staying focused isn't a piece of cake.

Is there a way to do better? Yes! From the same company that brought you Freewrite comes Sprinter. Sprinter is a browser-based distraction free writing tool created to give you an easy and more productive way to write. No disruptions and no hassle.

The Freewrite Smart Typewriter, an advanced productivity tool, immerses writers in an environment primed for creativity. Not all writers are ready or able to invest in Freewrite. Sprinter is the next best thing.

What Exactly is Sprinter?

In simple terms, Sprinter is an online typewriter. Sprinter provides a distraction free writing platform from within your browser. The Sprinter online writing software is easy to use. Simply open your browser of choice, open Sprinter and write.

Sprinter has built-in productivity tools to keep you motivated. Features include a writing goal tool to keep you on track and inspired. Use Sprinter wherever you go. Sprinter even works when you're offline.

What Good is Sprinter? I Already Own the Freewrite

If you already own the Freewrite, Sprinter is a great tool for you as well. Why? Because Sprinter uses the same infrastructure. Sync saved documents and access them in either platform. Don't have your Freewrite with you when inspiration hits? No problem. Open Sprinter and you're good to go.

Sprinter in a Browser? Talk About Distractions!

It's true — if you're anywhere near a browser, the temptation to do anything but write is high. If you're online you might as well check your Facebook and Twitter feeds, right? Keep that up, though, and you'll never get anything written.

The Sprinter interface was developed to encourage goal setting, creative thinking and improving writer output. It's true that Sprinter can't force you to keep your mind on your work. What the Sprinter online typewriter can do, though, is reduce distractions and improve your focus.

Let's face it, even the big authors get distracted. But you have what Dorothy Parker didn't. You have Sprinter.