Freewrite Firmware Update 1.6: 16 New Languages and 48 Keyboard Layout Variants Added

February 22, 2023 | 2 min read

Welcome to Freewrite Firmware 1.6, released today, February 23, 2023.

This firmware introduces a massive update to our supported languages and keyboard layouts. In addition to the 40 variants supported, we have added 16 new languages and 48 new keyboard layouts, bringing the total to 88 layout variants and 60+ unique languages.

Freewrite keyboard layout variants now include: (* = added in 1.6)

  1. Albanian*
  2. Arabic
  3. Armenian*
  4. Azerbaijani*
  5. Bambara*
  6. Belarusian*
  7. Bosnian*
  8. Bulgarian
  9. Bulgarian phonetic*
  10. Canadian Multilingual*
  11. Chinese (Simplified)
  12. Chinese (Traditional)
  13. Croatian*
  14. Czech
  15. Danish
  16. Danish (Dvorak)*
  17. Dutch
  18. English
  19. English (Colemak)
  20. English (Dvorak)
  21. English (International AltGr)*
  22. English International
  23. Esperanto*
  24. Estonian*
  25. Eurkey*
  26. Faroese*
  27. Finnish*
  28. French
  29. French (Belgian)
  30. French (Bepo)
  31. French (Canada)
  32. French (Dvorak)*
  33. French (Swiss)
  34. Georgian*
  35. German
  36. German (Dvorak)*
  37. German (Swiss)*
  38. German Neo
  39. Greek (modern)
  40. Hausa*
  41. Hebrew
  42. Hungarian
  43. Icelandic*
  44. Irish*
  45. Italian
  46. Japanese
  47. Kazakh*
  48. Korean
  49. Kurdish*
  50. Kyrgyz
  51. Lao*
  52. Latvian (AltGr)
  53. Latvian (Apostrophe)
  54. Lingala*
  55. Lithuanian*
  56. Macedonian*
  57. Malay*
  58. Maltese*
  59. Mongolian*
  60. Norwegian
  61. Norwegian (Dvorak)*
  62. Pashto, Pushto*
  63. Persian (Farsi)*
  64. Polish
  65. Polish (Programmers Dvorak)*
  66. Polish (Programmers)*
  67. Polish (QWERTZ)*
  68. Portuguese
  69. Portuguese (Brazil)*
  70. Portuguese (Nativo)*
  71. Romanian*
  72. Russian
  73. Serbian (Cyrillic)*
  74. Serbian (Latin)*
  75. Slovak*
  76. Slovenian
  77. Spanish
  78. Spanish (Dvorak)*
  79. Swahili*
  80. Swedish
  81. Swedish (Dvorak)
  82. Tajik*
  83. Turkish
  84. Turkmen*
  85. Ukrainian*
  86. Uzbek*
  87. Vietnamese
  88. Wolof*

Tip: To see a graphic of the active keyboard layout on your device, hold down the space bar.  We call this the Heads-up Display!

For more help, visit our support topic on how to change the language on your Freewrite device.


There are also numerous bug fixes under the hood, including:

  • Improved performance for large documents
  • Fixed status LED not turning off while in sleep mode

For a full list of v1.6.0 new features, improvements, and fixes visit the Release Notes page.


To manually check for a firmware update:

  • Option 1: Press right [new] + right [shift] + F
  • Option 2: hold the power button down for 3 seconds (version 1.5.0 or later) and select 'Firmware Update' in the device menu

If an update is available, your device will begin downloading the update immediately. To perform the manual check, your device must be running on firmware version 1.1.6 or higher.

For more detailed instructions, visit our support topics:


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