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Blackwing 602

 Blackwing 602
 Blackwing 602

Blackwing 602


The iconic pencil that has given shape to some of the great artistic works of the last 80 years 

  • Removable, replaceable eraser
  • Iconic ferrule design
  • Thick, gunmetal finish and crisp, gold imprint
  • Cedar casing that sharpens evenly and easily
  • Specially formulated graphite that writes smoothly


When will my USB Cable be shipped?
All USB Cable orders will be shipped in 1-2 business days
Is this the same cable that is shipped with the Freewrite?
Yes! This is a replacement cable or an extra cable for your Freewrite! Either way, it is the same cable that was in your Freewrite box.
Can I use it the charge other devices that take a USB Type-C?
That is very dependent on the device. At this point we have not attempted to charge other devices with this cable, but let us know if it works!
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