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Language Keycap Sets for Freewrite

$40 USD $35 USD
 Language Keycap Sets for Freewrite
 Language Keycap Sets for Freewrite
 Language Keycap Sets for Freewrite
 Language Keycap Sets for Freewrite
 Language Keycap Sets for Freewrite

Language Keycap Sets for Freewrite

Customize your Freewrite Keyboard with YOUR language layout!

  • Keycap sets are currently available for Spanish, German, and French language layouts.
  • No stickers needed!
  • Sets are for ISO keyboard layouts only - Don't remember which type of keyboard you ordered? Click here to double check.
  • Every package includes a keycap removal tool. No other tools are needed for installation. Freewrite is NOT included.
  • Language Sets only include keycaps that differ from English Layout!
  • Installation requires about 20-30 minutes and can be done by anybody. Instructions will be emailed after purchase and are also available online here: Installation Instructions.
This selection is out of stock and not available for purchase.
$40 USD $35 USD

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Pick Your Keyboard Style

The Freewrite is available with two styles of keyboards to support users from around the world.

American (ANSI)

Wide [return] Key
No [alt gr] Key

International (ISO)

⅂-Shaped [return] Key
With [alt gr] Key

Important Shipping Update!

The Freewrite you selected has been selling better than we expected and is now on backorder 😲. Our factory can't keep up! We are in production of more Freewrites but they are not quite ready yet.

Don't miss out!! We are producing a limited quantity and they are quickly becoming reserved. This will likely be your only chance to get a Freewrite in 2017.

The new batch of Freewrites is expected to start shipping in July. Production updates will be announced in our community forum at

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