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Freewrite Traveler

Traveler is the ultimate *portable* distraction-free writing tool and the latest addition to the Freewrite family.

  • 4 week battery life
  • E Ink screen
  • Full-size scissor-switch keyboard
  • 1.6lbs and half the footprint of a typical laptop

Turn off distractions. Focus your thoughts. Simply write wherever you go.

Traveler is BACK IN STOCK and shipping daily!*

Customer Reviews

Based on 154 reviews
Jens Hoffmann (Hamburg, DE)
Language Keycaps Sets would be awesome

I love my Freewrite Traveler as a single focus device. But not all of my writing is in English. It would improve my writer's life enormously, if you would offer Language Sets (in my case German) for the Freewrite Traveler.

Mauro Segarra
Elegant, portable, light and practical device

This device is of great use to writers. In addition to having a nice design, it is portable, very light and, most importantly, allows us to disconnect, that is, to be free from the distractions of the online universe when writing.
We can write with it in public places like parks, cafes, etc. Best of all, battery life lasts several weeks!
And the Leather Sleeve is light and beautiful. It protects the device from scratches and is easy to carry everywhere.
Excellent products!

Joaquim Gil (Lisbon, PT)

Freewrite Traveler

Ezekiel Jakub (Panama City, PA)
Great for what it's described to do.

I write a lot. I write on various topics, from first draft research papers, to field notes, to role playing game narratives as the "Game Master" and short essays on whatever flows through my mind, the Trabeler is just great distraction free writing. It does exact what it's described to do and a great resource for those first drafts that seem to just never get on paper. So far I love it.

Evander Wiggins (San Juan Capistrano, US)
The perfect fit; absolutely awesome!

So... I was a bit skeptical about buying the Freewrite Traveler, as I looking are a computer that just needed to turn on, that I could write on and use to progress my book-writing. I am happy to report that it definitely fits the bill!

The Freewrite Traveler is perfect to take wherever (I've taken mine places!) and it has boosted my writing so much! I have finished over 5 chapters for my book since I bought it (it's been about a 2 months) and it's dramatically increased my daily word count! (I'm not one to get distracted by notifications, etc. but it's nice not to have those dinging or distracting my thoughts every few minutes!)

Yes, it is on the expensive side; but trust me, if you want to speed up the writing process and enjoy it much more, then I'd recommend considering the Freewrite Traveler as your next writing tool! (Plus it shipped quicker then expected, so I got started on my writing earlier, sweet!)


Technical Specifications

BODY Polycarbonate
DISPLAY E Ink™ screen
Writing canvas – 121mm x 70mm
Status window – 121mm x 15mm
KEYBOARD Full-size scissor switch keyboard
ONBOARD STORAGE Embedded flash memory
Wi-Fi 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi with capability for cloud syncing and over-the-air firmware updates
PORTS USB Type-C for charging, offline data transfer, and as Host (e.g. can plug in external keyboard)
POWER Internal LiPo battery
4 weeks of running time with regular usage defined as 30 minutes per day
SUPPORTED CLOUD APPS Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive
SUPPORTED KEYBOARD LANGUAGES English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Greek, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Korean, Chinese, Japanese. See a list of keyboard layouts here.
SIZE 11.3” x 5.0” x 0.97” (288mm x 128mm x 24.7mm)
WEIGHT 1.6lbs (0.7 kg)