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Freewrite (2nd Gen) Limited 'Sea' Edition

Keyboard Guide
Quantities are limited, act now. Only 150 of these beautiful Freewrites exist in the world, make sure you capture yours today. 
  • Same great features as the classic Freewrite including E Ink display, Cherry MX keyswitches, and Wi-Fi backups to the cloud
  • 180 day limited manufacturers warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Devin Ryback (Ithaca, US)
High Quality Machine

Writing is a wonderful experience with this Freewrite. and I love the blue theme. Entering a flow state is much easier with this, compared to writing on a laptop or smartphone. I am very glad to have it in my possession. Thank you!

AV Pynthon (Mittenwald, DE)
Dream machine with quirks

A work of art in itself for some, a seminal instrument of creative and professional writing for all. More than worth the price for someone who writes full-time. My output has increased beyond measure. The keyboard is a joy, the screen just fine, the sheer pleasure of the device overall - especially in haptic terms - is something that needs to be experienced. Yet the Freewrite is light enough to lug around even on walks. I like writing in nature. One warning for introverts in cafes - people will approach you and ask about it.

Quirks are the lack of an editing cursor - both a blessing and curse IMHO - and the proprietary postbox system - which works flawlessly and makes really good sense though. Wish I could use it with pCloud directly.

Lastly I recommend writing in markdown and then using Ulysses or a similar app to edit and publish.

Tommy Hagstrøm (Copenhagen, DK)
Absolutely love it

I bought my freewrite about a month ago, nd it has been an amazing tool for me to get writing a lot more.
The design is really nice, and adds to the great writing experience.
I did replace some of the key caps, beacuse I'm from Denmark and it is not possible to order with a danish keyboard layout. Could be nice if there were more options on color and language layout from freewrite.
I would recommend freewrite for anyone who seeks to write more. It just happens naturally with the freewrite. For a writer it's kind of the same as what a really good guitar is for musician.

E. Williams (Nampa, US)
It's what I wanted and searched for

I loved typing on my parents' typewriter as a kid but I hated how messing up one letter meant typing the entire page for one mistake. Then when I wanted to put it on the computer I had to type it all over again. It deflated my love of typing on that typewriter. This had been exactly what I wanted for a long time. I've been searching for a small computer that is just for writing but it would cost a lot because it had all these features I didn't want so I never was satisfied and ended up writing on paper then typing it in while editing. All I wanted was to write and be able to edit it in a word program. I would end up procrastinating by doing other things on the computer/tablet/phone instead of writing. The cost itself for the Freewrite made me hesitate for months especially the 'Sea Edition' but I love the blue. So far, worth it by how much I've enjoyed typing on it. There have been technical issues such as drafts not syncing and suddenly I needed these weird permissions to sync to the Google Drive a few days after getting it set up. The updates when first turning it on made me start freaking out because it kept loading then restarting for more than an hour. Besides those three things, the Freewrite has been what I wanted. I'm glad that I can upload it to my computer and edit it. I tend to be a perfectionist so not having to go back on the Freewrite without deleting everything has helped me not continously change things as I try to edit/fix things.
I did see a review where someone complained about their wrists aching. For those that haven't typed on a vintage typewriter, the sitting and hand posture for the purpose of typing was made for typewriters. Anyone with wrist aches means they're not typing correctly. Had to mention it because that reviewer's main complaint about the Freewrite was the fact it was a typewriter and it was rediculous that they didn't understand that this is a modern typewriter

Lisa Barnes (Selinsgrove, US)
Loving the freedom to write!

I went back-and-forth on whether to purchase this. It seemed like such an extravagant purchase for someone who is not a professional writer. But, I’ve been enamored with this product since it was first introduced. There were some initial issues with my Freewrite and a frozen screen. But return and repair were fairly painless, and now that it’s back in my possession, I am loving it!