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Freewrite (2nd Gen), Limited 'Sea' Edition

Keyboard Guide
Quantities are limited, act now. Only 150 of these beautiful Freewrites exist in the world, make sure you capture yours today. 
  • Available in American and International Keyboard Variants
  • Same great features as the classic Freewrite including E Ink display, Cherry MX keyswitches, and Wi-Fi backups to the cloud
  • 180 day limited manufacturers warranty
  • In-stock now and ships within 1 business day
Limited quantities available:
20 pieces @ $599
20 pieces @ $649
---> 20 pieces @ $679 (LIVE NOW) <---
90 pieces @ $699


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
It’s changed everything for me.

I love this machine. Love it. All of it. It looks like candy, especially the Sea Edition, but it’s stout metal — sculptural and cool to the touch. And it’s heavy. The thing weighs about four pounds, which makes it about twice as heavy as my laptop. It’s planted to the table and it gives off that machined-from-billet feel. Perfection. When the Freewrite came out, I remember reading commentary that suggested it had a silly retro look to it. Nonsense. This machine is everything it needs to be and absolutely nothing it doesn’t. It is the world’s most serious word factory. Double your word count? At least. But not just because the Freewrite makes writing easier (although it does). You will double your word count because writing with it is simply irresistible.