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Freewrite Keyboard Dampening Set

Improve your typing experience on Freewrite with the Keyboard Dampening Set

  • Cushions the landing of the switch, for a softer, tactile keystroke
  • Reduces sound of the keyboard
  • Shorter travel improves typing speed
  • Extra O-Rings included (~120pcs total)
  • Requires removing keycaps on keyboard, installing o-ring onto keycap stem, and reassemblying keycaps on keyboard
  • Keycap removal tool included
  • For Freewrite only, not compatible with Traveler
  • Click here to view the Keyboard Dampening Kit: Installation Guide

Customer Reviews

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Very Useful for my Family

The Freewrite is a very convenient tool! My girls are of a literary bent as well as myself and during their commute to work, the Freewrite has proved extremely useful to write everything from novels, to newsletter articles and even letters to friends. I am very impressed with the product. One issue that hasn't proved to be too big of a hurtle is the latency when typing. For touch typists like my daughters the halting text is a bit distracting but not prohibitive. Perhaps in future editons of this project this aspect might be imprved.