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Your Freewrite Needs to Update!

The latest version of Freewrite firmware, 1.5.10, is a mandatory update.  There are a whole host of improvements, but the most important is an updated cryptographic verification key that will allow you to take future updates.  If you don't update to 1.5.10 before March 1, you may not be able to continue taking future firmware updates!  

Luckily, the process to update is quite simple.  


First, charge your Freewrite. Use a standard USB adapter and the included cable, not a high output charger with a Type C connector. If you have not used your Freewrite in several months, it could take 24 hours or more to charge fully.

Once your Freewrite has a full charge, you can check what firmware version it is currently on by going to the 'new' Wi-Fi screen and looking in the top right corner.

Firmware Upgrade Instructions:

Connect your device to the charger and connect to the WiFi. Please confirm that your device is charging (there will be lightning bolt icons on the status screen) and that your device is connected to Postbox.  After 5 minutes, it will check for a new firmware update, and it will begin downloading in the background. 

This download can take up to an hour. Once it is complete, you will receive a prompt telling you that the firmware update is available.

Depending on what firmware was on the device when it left the factory, you may need to go through several updates.

Your Freewrite is up to date when the firmware version reads 1.5.10!

After you complete these processes, please click on this link to unsubscribe from this list so that you don't receive future reminders: Completed Upgrade

If you have any questions about this process, please let us know at hello@astrohaus.com

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will my Freewrite stop working if I can't update before March 1? 

No, your Freewrite will work just fine!  You'll still be able to write, save, and sync just like normal.  You just may not be able to take future firmware updates which can make the device even better. 

2. I'm connected to the WiFi but the download isn't updating.  What do I do? 

This update is a large one, so it may take a little longer than usual to download.  In cases where its not downloading, try connecting to your phone's hotspot.  This usually helps your device download the update. 

3. Can I use my Freewrite when it is downloading the update? 

No, you'll want to connect to the charger, connect to the WiFi and let your Freewrite idle on the screensaver.  The Freewrite downloads the update in the background while it is idling, so you don't want to disturb it.