Freewrite Smart Typewriter (2nd Gen)

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New and improved 2nd Generation with 2x real-world battery life of the 1st gen. Say goodbye to writer's block with the world's best distraction-free writing tool.

  • Best-in-class mechanical keyboard with Cherry Keyswitches (made in Germany)
  • Ultra-low power and high contrast E Ink™ screen that looks like paper indoors and out.
  • 2nd generation design features larger battery and improved keyboard efficiency that results in 2x the effective working time of the original Freewrite.
  • Weeks of battery life and local storage for over a million pages
  • Rugged, lightweight aluminum body so you can write anywhere
  • Support for writing in over 20+ languages
  • Comes with 180-day manufacturer's warranty

Customer Reviews

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Great tool, amazing service plus good community supporting this new-ancient way of being Productive and focus beyond the XXI century highly distracting enviroment. This tool, tech, gadget is the perfect assistance to overcome procrastination and sing victory over propaganda and social media vulnerability.
Inspire, type and succeed in your creative writting, freewrite has arrived to stay...


Freewrite Smart Typewriter (2nd Gen)

Good but not without flaws

I really love writing on the Freewrite. It's actually exactly what it says on the tin. Distraction free. Love how it syncs with postbox BUT I hate how you never know what the charge is, never know how long it needs to be plugged in, and I wish there was no delay while typing. Like you delete and it takes a while to register and then you end up deleting too much.
Those are my peeves. Mostly they're irritating and I say this ONLY in the hopes that the developers take it on the chin for the 3rd Gen.
This piece of kit, while heavy and not ideal for going out and about, made me preorder the Traveler version. Love the keyboard. Love it enough that even though it's a pain. I'll be taking it with me when I travel regardless because it's great. My thumbs hurt less and my wrists rarely ache even though I pull 10k plus days words on it.

Also, is it just me but the clock doesn't seem to update sometimes?

Would 100% recommend.


Freewrite Smart Typewriter (2nd Gen)


I'm loving the workflow with this machine.

Ultimate Drafting tool for real writers

Multilingual Support

Postbox change language settings

Technical Specifications

DISPLAY E Ink™ screen with frontlight
Writing canvas – 121mm x 68mm
Status window – 113mm x 18mm
KEYBOARD Full-size mechanical CherryTM MX brown keyswitches
Available in American (ANSI) and International (ISO) keyboard layouts
ONBOARD STORAGE Embedded flash memory
Wi-Fi 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi with capability for cloud syncing and over-the-air firmware updates
PORTS USB Type-C data and charging port
POWER Internal LiPo battery
4 weeks of running time with regular usage defined as 30 minutes per day
SUPPORTED CLOUD APPS Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive
SUPPORTED KEYBOARD LANGUAGES English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Greek, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Korean, Chinese, Japanese. See a list of keyboard layouts here.
SIZE 11.7” x 9.3” x 2.8” (298mm x 237mm x 70mm)
WEIGHT 4.0 lbs (1.8 kg)