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Black Keycap Set for Freewrite

Customize your Freewrite Smart Typewriter (NOT compatible with Traveler) with a set of black keycaps!

  • Keycaps replace stock Freewrite keycaps
  • Sets are available in ISO layouts - Don't remember which type of keyboard you ordered? Click here to double-check.
  • Replace some or all of your keycaps for a custom look.
  • Every package includes a keycap removal tool. No other tools are needed for installation. Freewrite is NOT included.
  • Installation requires about 20-30 minutes and can be done by anybody. Instructions will be emailed after purchase and are also available online here: Installation Instructions.
Keyboard Layout

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Monica Hoffman (Monument, US)
Great quality!

Love my newblack keycaps!

D. B.Goodin (Anaheim, US)
Great look

I love how these keys look on my Freewrite. But, you need the quiet kit for comfort

robbneu (Denver, US)
Cosmetic tweak to the Freewrite

It is really great to have the option to tweak the appearance of the Freewrite and I've wanted the black keyset for a while. It was great to see them in stock again, so I was very excited to order them. My only criticism is a minor one. I would have loved the new, red "New" keys to have their ink come with a white option to match the white keys on the rest of the keyset (instead of repeating the same design for the red keys in the default white set). This may be just personal preference, but I do think white ink would have looked a little better.

Justin Kulyk


Arktosgirl (Wellington, NZ)
Pimped my type

Nothing quite like pimping up your Freewrite with different coloured keys. It's like fitting short, loud mufflers on your motorbike... superfluous but satisfying ; )