Language Keycap Sets for Freewrite

Customize your Freewrite Smart Typewriter (ISO) with your language layout.

Note: This product was designed for Smart Typewriter 1st and 2nd Gen ISO layout. It will work for 3rd Gen, but due to the updated Spacebar and added Alt Gr key, there will be a few extra keycaps. It is not compatible with Freewrite Traveler.

  • Language Sets only include keycaps that differ from English Layout.
  • Currently available for French, German, and Spanish language layouts.
  • Don't remember which type of keyboard you ordered? Click here to double-check.
  • Every package includes a keycap removal tool. No other tools are needed for installation. Freewrite not included.
  • Installation requires about 20-30 minutes and can be done by anybody. Instructions are available online here: Installation Instructions.