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Writing For Equality: An Interview with Dr. Tony Malone

May 19, 2023

We're proud to introduce you to Dr. Tony Malone, a writer, artist, and human rights campaigner in Ebbw Vale, an old mining town in the South Wales Valleys in the UK.

We sat down with Dr. Malone to chat about his work, especially the important books he's brought into the world, like The Diversity & Inclusion Glossary.

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30 Prompts to Start Writing Your Memoir

May 05, 2023

Everyone has a story to tell. Here at Freewrite, our passion is helping people overcome the obstacles to writing and get words on the page.

Many #FreewriteFam community members use their Freewrite for journaling or to write memoir. But sometimes your own story is the hardest to tell. Where do you start? What’s interesting enough to include?

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